what’s on my craft table?

This week my craft table was digital. I finished my first three greeting and postcard collections and designed a mini business card and business stickers. Yeah! Yesterday I ordered them via Moo, so they will arrive early before the craft fair.

It was so exciting, when I finally placed the order. No turning back, no hasitating. Now I must go forward, no matter what. Futhermore I can check one point off my life list: “design a postcard collection”. It’s an amazing feeling. I did it. It’s designed, proof read and ordered with my name on it. I created something, that someone else can buy. This feels amazing. Can’t keep myself from smiling 🙂

But at the same time I’m horrified, that I ordered too much. That the cards won’t sell. That nobody want to buy them and I put too much money into this. I thought it over and over, how much I should order, calculated the possible income and the possible debt I would have to take, if I won’t sell a thing on the craft fair. I got into debt before and I know it will take some time (at least half a year) to pay them back, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. This is my big dream. Sell my own photographs. Work as an artist. So I have to risk something to give it a start. I know, there’s a possibility, that I will fail, but there’s also the possibility that I will be successful. Yesterday I decided to take that leap, to take off and try to fly. Now I have to be patient, again. Inside I’m trembling… this is so exciting!

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