it’s getting real

A moment to breath, even when it’s just an afternoon, a wonderful November afternoon in
Cuxhaven with a walk along the beach. 

That’s what my life looked like the last two weeks:

ordering photos – writing task-lists – drinking coffee – riding into town to buy craft supplies – ordering calendars – creating calendar layouts – drinking more coffee – stamping bags with my contact details – rounding corners – sorting postcards – getting a little bit of sleep – crafting book marks – drinking coffee again – having a glorious date 🙂 – sorting greeting cards – ordering calendar papers – rounding corners of photos – getting informations on business questions – searching for craft booth ideas – sorting photos…
I could go on forever.

I’m going crazy over here. There is still so much to do for the craft fair on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. Can’t believe it’s already here. After all this planning and crafting it’s getting real! My first step towards a crafty business. Can’t get the big smile off my face. It’s happening! I’m so glad, when it’s finally Sunday and I’ll stand behind my booth and sell my first calendar or greeting card.

It’s so exciting!!! 🙂


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