blue sky, but icy cold

Marienrode and the frozen lake by momentstolivefor

Blue sky, white snow, sunlight and an icy cold wind. My boyfriend and I took a wonderful walk on Easter monday around my old neighbourhood. It’s such a beautiful place. I can’t even remember how many photos I took around there over the years. Love the old minster over the dreamy lake with the little duck island in the middle. In really cold winters we could ice-skate upon the frozen lake. The village is named Marienrode and belongs to the convent. It’s an inspirational place for photographers, especially for wedding photo sessions.

view over a snowy landscape by momentstolivefor
old windmill in Marienrode by momentstolivefor
the lake in Marienrode by momentstolivefor
road to Marienrode by momentstolivefor
Marienrode and the frozen lake with tree shadows by momentstolivefor
snow shadow of a couple by momentstolivefor
hope you all had a wonderful, sunny and funny Easter weekend with your beloved ones

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