i’m back on instagram

the orange chair by momentstolivefor
It took some time to find the joy again in posting on Instagram, but it finally happened. Not long after I started with Instagram I discovered a website, where I could sell my Instagram pictures very easy. At first I didn’t thought too much about the possibility of selling my photos there, but over time I tried more and more to satisfy the potential buyers. And that led to disappointment for me. No one was interested in my pictures, no matter which pictures I posted. So I stopped posting altogether.

A few days ago I looked at all my Instagram pictures and how much fun it has been to take, edit and post them and how much I miss this. I analyzed, why I had stopped and had lost all joy. Therefore I decided to delete my account at the seller website and go back to posting photos just for fun and only pictures I like to post. It’s time for me to play again with my iPhone camera and filters and photo editing apps. So if you want to follow me, hop over to my Instagram site.

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