half time at my 365 photo challenge

'cappuccino with friends' by momentstolivefor

It’s been six months since I’ve started this challenge… and I’m still on it – half time. Six more months and 184 photos to go. And I’m proud of it. I’m proud, that I didn’t stop altogether. My feelings haven’t changed since I’ve wrote this post in January about this photo project.

photo project 'one year of cups' January overview by momentstolivefor

Of course there are times, when I’m just not in the mood. But then I post four or five photos at once a few days later. I don’t manage to take one photo every day, but for me the important thing is to keep going. To stay true to this challenge and make it to the end of the year with at least half of the photos, that it should be.

photo project 'one year of cups' February overview by momentstolivefor

It’s such a cool project, because I can remember every moment, when I took one of the photos. I remember, what happened that day and in this moment and where I was, when I drank that cup of coffee or tea.

photo project 'one year of cups' March overview by momentstolivefor

The only camera I use for this photo project is my iPhone 4S camera. It’s simple and handy, and I have it always with me. At the moment I try some camera apps, instead of the normal iPhone camera. My favorite camera apps so far are Camera+, VSCOcam and Gorillacam, because you can set the focus and exposure onto two different points in your picture or play with timelapse and self timer.

photo project 'one year of cups' April overview by momentstolivefor

It’s fun to play with different filters and photo editing apps, to give every photo his own style and feeling. Most of the time I work with Afterlight and Pixlr. I love both filter sets. Additionally I’m very fond of the bokeh in Pixlr and use Afterlight to resize the photos, before I upload them to tumblr.

photo project 'one year of cups' May overview by momentstolivefor

I can’t wait to see these photos printed in a book. Yes, there will be a photobook at the end of the year, showing every single photo. Don’t know yet, how the layout will look like and if every photo will be displayed in the same size. But I definitely want to print them, as a review of the year.

photo project 'one year of cups' June overview by momentstolivefor


So, now I’m off to editing and posting another photo of my cup of coffee today. If you want to follow me, you find my project blog here: one year of cups.

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