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Get Messy - Art Journal Challenge

So excited for this new adventure: inspired by the e-courses of A Beautiful Mess (52 Weeks of Art Journaling and their old course Art Journal All Year, no longer available), the sweet and ever inspiring Caylee and Lauren started a crafty challenge – an art journal challenge, named Get Messy. Since I’ve took the old course too and am always open to a good challenge, I’m so happy to join them on their journey. So every Thursday we will post pages from our art journals.

Get Messy - Art Journal Challenge | what to do |

I created these pages last year in anticipation of our move to Berlin. Most of the time I use magazine pages as background or center piece and lay the layout around it. But that’s mostly the lazy way. On good days with time and motivation I design my own background and do more complicated layouts.

Get Messy - Art Journal Challenge | I'm dreaming |

Get Messy - Art Journal Challenge | Berlin City Girl |

Take a look at these lovely, inspiring art journals:
Caylee & Lauren


PS: Originally I wanted to show you some other pages from my art journal, but I started to take photos from these pages and then my camera broke. Yep, in the middle of the photoshooting suddenly a black bar appeared on all of my photos. As always, when you really need to use something, it breaks down in exactly that moment. But I’m not really shocked. I’ve expected this to happen for some time now, because I had problems with the camera from time to time. It’s already five years old and I’ve took a lot, lot, lot of photos with it. So it’s not unusual, but naturally annoying. Hopefully I get the camera fixed soon or buy maybe a new one?



  1. Caylee

    Your pages are so great, each one of them looks like a cover page ! Of course I LOVE these Berlin-focused pages. Love what you did with the *get excited* stamp getting less bold.

    So glad you’ve joined us.

  2. Lauren Hooper

    These are just gorgeous! I am so inspired to make more pages with magazines as full backgrounds. And then red. Oh. My. YES.


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