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I must confess, I’ve totally forgotten about those goals I set at the begin of May. But I did most of them anyway, because they were in my head, thankfully.

My goals for May were:

1. Get my work flow back and update my blog and website.
√ I got my work flow back and did a lot of crafting and I started to update my blog but didn’t find the time to finish it. So this goal will go on my June list.

2. Make progress at Project Life 2013. I still have to catch up with half of November and December.
√ I’ve done some layouts, not much, but at least a few pages.

3. Do further Project Life pages of before 2013. I bought an album just for those old photos.
√ done. And I’m so happy, I’ve got these photos out of my backlog and in my Project Life album with a pretty design. It feels good, to get some stuff done.

4. Paint our home office white.
√ no, but instead we painted the living room. so this counts too. The home office will be next.

5. Organize my work space. There are still some small boxes, that don’t have their own space on the shelves.
√ done.

6. Get at least one new blog series up and running.
√ not the one I had in mind, but even better: Get Messy – an art journal challenge.

7. Decorate the kitchen. Now that it’s painted white, I finally can start.

– not nearly done. will go on my June list.

8. Go to the sport center regularly (at least 3 times a week).
√ yay, did this.

9. Make a timetable for blogging, social media etc. that really works for me.
√ not really a timetable, but a little routine that works.

10. Collect my ideas with Todoist (this is already half done).
√ not done yet, but in progress.

11. Make at least one photo walk.
√ photo walk: leaves.

12. Discover new places in Berlin.
√ oh yes, we took some walks along new streets and visited several new museums.

13. Use most of my craft stash up with help of my craft challenge.
√ I’m in the thick of it. Now, that I have only craft stuff, that I really, really like I’m using it. I’m no longer considering the not so fancy stuff, to hold on to the beautiful things. So grateful for the “Use your stash” ecourse.

Now, that I see this list written, I’m amazed, that I can check off almost any goal. In June I will write my goals down on my memory board or somewhere I have them in front of me anytime, so I can follow along more deliberate. Since we are traveling most of the weekends in June, my goals are more enjoyable guidelines than actual goals:

1. enjoy the summer

2. make a summer bucket list

3. celebrate the birthdays of my two godchildren

4. paint the workroom white

5. create more Project Life pages (before 2013 and 2014)

6. keep my craft challenge going

7. do yoga at least once a week (even at home)

8. decorate the kitchen

9. decorate the living room and hang some pictures

10. update the blog

have a fun and enjoy the month of June


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