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goals in september | momentstolivefor.com

Since the August was dominated by our vacation, my goals were very simple. Here they are and how they turned out:

1. Enjoy our vacation to the fullest.
√ Oh yes, we did this. We were both so relaxed, when we started working again. It was exactly what we needed.

2. Decorate the living room.
√ Check. Finally. At least two walls are filled with beautiful pictures.

3. Decorate the kitchen.
√ Check πŸ™‚

4. Sort through my new photos from our vacation and delete most of the photos.
√ Done, even while on vacation.

5. Get my printer up and running, so I can work with it on craft projects.
√ Not mine, but we have one from my boyfriend, which is working perfectly now.

6. Celebrate our birthdays in our own way.
√ At least my boyfriends birthday was perfect, mine not so much, but the evening on the beach with a bottle of wine and one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, compensated me for everything.

7. Prepare enough blog posts for the vacation time.
√ Yeah, did it.

8. Finish the PL pages I filled only with photos.
√/- not really, did only a few.

Another month already gone. The year is running ahead. I can’t believe I’m already over 8 months in Berlin. This is one of the reasons, why I like this post. It makes me accountable and I can look back, what I achieved in the last months. Since September is one of my most productive month, my goals are a little bigger:

1. Get our family gallery up in the corridor.

2. Decorate our office.

3. Simplify my musical files. Keep only the really good songs and sheet music.

4. Get my photo archive organized with Lightroom.

5. Take dance lessons with my boyfriend.

6. Redesign the blog – new layout, feature buttons.

7. Make biketours & photo walks.

8. Get an overview of our next big project and start planning (sorry, can’t tell you what at the moment).

9. Do sport regularly again.

10. Make a fall minialbum.


let’s do this. this will be a wonderful month.




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  1. Violetta

    I love reading goals posts! Sounds like you had a good set of achievements in August, and some fun things to look forward to in September. Thanks for sharing these!


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