little blog break


I’m so behind. I’m so behind with everything. I’m so unorganized at the moment, and I have no, really no idea why.

  • I miss almost every birthday from dear friends and forget to write a card.
  • I didn’t manage to at least look at my blog feed for weeks, so I missed totally, that I was nominated by the lovely, dear Aimee of Betwixt & Between for the blog hop. Thank you again, dear Aimee.
  • I forgot to send text and pictures to a lovely blog friend, who wants to feature me, for weeks.
  • I’m not able to answer emails and comments at the moment. I just don’t do it.
  • I have a hard time to write new blog posts. Not that I have no ideas, my notebooks are bursting of post ideas, but I don’t find the time to write them. Mostly I just write and post, no chance to prepare even some of them in advance.
  • I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the information on my feed, blogs, Instagram, facebook… Don’t know, how to take it all in and make something useful from it.
  • I’ve lost track of my finances.
  • I feel major unorganized and have problems doing the simple, regular jobs like cleaning our home, do sport regularly or go to the hairdresser.

There’s something odd going on, nothing serious, but I’m one of the most organized people normally. So I have to figure out, why I lost this power so completely and how to get it back. I want to establish some new routines in life and for the blog. Therefore I decided to take a break at blogging. The only thing I will follow through with for the next weeks is my #365craftingtime challenge and posting on Instagram. I plan to be back at the beginning of December.

until then, be well and enjoy the fall season



PS: If you like to follow me on this little journey, you can do this on the Everest app. I will post my progress and every step I’ll take to organize my life, finances and blog.


  1. Caylee

    As I said in my email to you, you are so damn inspiring. Even when you decide to take a break, the way you do it is so inspiring.


  2. Delaney

    There is absolutely no shame in taking some time away from anything that has ceased bringing you joy. I hope we’ll see you back in soon, but if it’s not feeling right by December, take the time you need. Xx


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