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crafty year 2015

Around Christmas I cruised through my Pinterest boards for new craft ideas I definitely want to make this year. I even started a new board to collect those project ideas and suddenly I noticed, that I could collect without much effort 53 projects I really want to come to life. And within an instant the new project was born: 53 craft projects in 2015.

It’s 53 crafty projects because there are 53 weeks this year and one project per week will be definitely manageable. That doesn’t mean, I have to do one every week. I can do two or three a week, if I have the time and motivation to. Thus there can be weeks without one project finished, that will foreseeable be the case around Christmas for example.

It’s an addition to my #365craftingtime project, that is still running. I’m at the moment a little behind with posting, but the challenge is still on. And thanks to my catching up-rule, I haven’t lost one day since the start of the project. The main idea with the new project is to document the process. The documentation was the main reason to name it a project and choose concrete tasks. I want to focus on these little craft projects, because they are important to me. Some because I just need them to decorate our home or to progress with other projects like Project Life. Others are simply on the list to lern something new like sewing. Therefore I don’t have simply „lern to sew“ on my bucket list for this year, but a concrete project that has a start and end point. “Lern to sew” is on my list for years, so I hope this new project will do the trick.

On this page you find an overview about all 53 projects I want to do. As soon as I finish one, I exchange the text picture with a photo of the finished project like I did already with number #10 („Design a calendar“). I hope at the end of the year, this page will be all colorful instead of grey and white, filled with wonderful craft projects.

01 Make soap by hand 05 Paint mugs 06 Paint plates 07 Sew a pillow case 08 Cut a geometric wall art 09 Paint the bedroom cupboard 10 Paint mugs 11 Make soap by hand 12 Fold an origami butterfly 13 Cut a geometric wall art 14 Fold an origami fox 15 Paint mugs 16 Make soap by hand 17 Make an adventure fund box 18 Cut a geometric wall art 19 Paint the bedroom cupboard 20 Paint a tote 21 Make soap by hand 22 Sew a pillow case 23 Cut a geometric wall art 24 Paint the bedroom cupboard 25 Fold origami bows 26 Make soap by hand 27 Sew a pillow case 28 Design greeting cards 29 Style shelves with washi tape 30 Make washi tape feathers 31 Make soap by hand 32 Sew a pillow case 33 Make a garland 34 Paint the bedroom cupboard 35 Paint mugs 36 Make soap by hand 37 Sew a pillow case 38 Make a notebook 39 Paint the bedroom cupboard 40 Paint mugs 41 Make soap by hand 42 Sew a pillow case 43 Cut a geometric wall art 44 Paint the bedroom cupboard 45 Paint mugs 46 Make soap by hand 47 Sew a pillow case 48 Print some Project Life cards 49 Paint the bedroom cupboard 50 Paint mugs 51 Make soap by hand 52 Sew a pillow case 53 Cut a geometric wall art

Do you plan something similiar this year? Maybe we can motivate each other.

Let the crafting begin




  1. Heike

    Liebe Sabine,

    ich bewundere Deine Aktionen sehr! Ich finde es fast unglaublich, was Dir alles einfällt. Und lese ich es dann hier bei Dir, denke ich “Ja klar, prima Idee!”. Einen Plan zu haben finde ich grundsätzlich sehr wichtig. Er ist quasi der rote Faden, an dem man sich entlanghangeln kann. Mein Problem wäre nur, dass ich soweit im voraus nicht planen kann. Ich könnte mich noch nicht festlegen, was ich machen möchte und würde alles aufgrund neuer Einflüsse und Impulse wahrscheinlich zehnmal über den Haufen werfen. Ich muss mal in mich gehen 🙂

    LG aus Berlin W*dorf, Heike

  2. sarah

    This is such a great idea.

  3. Sabine

    Liebe Heike, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. Es wird sicher nicht einfach werden alle Projekte durchzuziehen, aber da viele schon lange auf meiner Liste stehen, ist es jetzt nur noch der letzte Stupser den ich hoffentlich brauche. Was ist aus deinem Projekt geworden? Machst du jetzt etwas ähnliches? LG aus dem Prenzl Berg, Sabine

  4. Sabine

    Hey Lauren,
    the gallery is made with a HTML table. At the moment it will simply stay in this post and updated here too. But maybe I will move it someday to the “crafts” page. And I totally missed blogging and you guys. I had to come back
    x Sabine


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