photo walk: green


Everytime I start to a new photo walk I consider several themes and choose one before I’m out of the door. Everytime I doubt finding enough motives, but then I see the first thing and next to it the second. Suddenly everywhere pops something up. Like yesterday, when I chose ‚green‘ as my theme for the walk. I really doubted, that I would find much more than plants, but I forgot how colorful Berlin is. There were green doors, green graffitis, green shop signs and some more. Within an hour I had over 40 different motives together. I think, when you choose to shoot one theme, the brain focuses mainly on finding fitting things automatically. It’s like looking for Waldo. The brain is trained to search for a red-white striped thingy and blends everything else out. It’s amazing, what you can find with this technic.

Somewhere along the way an old man asked: ‚Do you take a photo of everything?‘ ‚No‘ I said ‚today just everything that’s green.‘ Sounds a little bit crazy, right? The man looked a little irritated till I explained, that I do photo walks with a theme to train my photographic eye and the use of my camera. We talked on for a while. When I walked on I had to smile. Yes, it sounds crazy taking photos of things, that are green. But it’s the best training I can think of and I found the most fun and beautiful things looking for little details on the photo walks, that most people will overlook.


















My very first photo walk was about ‘white‘. Colors are a very easy start to do a photo walk, because you train your eyes to look for everything and on unusual places. Therefore I started with several color themed photo walks back then:
white | blue | yellow | color contrast | soft colors | I need colors

You can see how my photography style evolved over the years in big parts thanks to those photo walks. Find more photo walks here.

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