sweet serendipity

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The light blue sky, sunny spots on the flowers at the next balcony. It’s summer, it’s Saturday. Time to take your favorite book or your blog reader, grab a cup of coffee or tea and go outside. We should enjoy these last lovely summer days as much as we can. Maybe you find here something worthwhile to read, while relaxing in the sun:

Makes me dream of a sweet warm summer night with good friends, laughter and wine.

An effective solution when your head is brimming with thoughts and you can’t focus.

What is enough for you?

Just enough summer.

Don’t avoid negative people, work with it. And when everything else fails…

…dance! Oh yes, sometimes I just need to do exactly that¬†and sometimes simply this.

Something that’s on my mind for some time (sorry, only in German).


Have a beautiful sunny weekend.


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