December Days: something good

December Daily - Day 17|

This story is heartbreaking. It’s a story about a woman and her daughter who are ill-fated. The mother had to leave┬áher job and therefore they lost their home. Now they are couch surfing at friends, because they can’t afford the rent for a home. Additionally they lost everything they owned, because they couldn’t afford the rent for their storage unit anymore. They lost everything – all photos of her daughter as a baby, the mothers birth certificate, all their furniture… You can read their whole story here.

When you want to do something good this Christmas and don’t want to donate to an anonymous cause, then please consider donating a little amount for Allegra and her daughter. They need 3.600 $ to pay their new home and it’s almost done. So every little amount brings them one step closer to their new home. Please think about it and share it.

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