words of two thousand sixteen

words of two thousand sixteen

Preperations. Red, orange, pink and yellow. Black & white stripes. SchleFaZ. Borecole and shots. Gaming nights. A sea of paper flowers. Buying, buying, buying. Crafting with friends. Red dress. Flower girls. Beautiful bridesmaids. Jumping photos. Photo shooting. Party photobooth. Time for life. Birthday party. Design with flowers and cute couples. Printed. Mountains of letters and stamps. Stag nights. Luxemburg. Rügen. Above the trees. Illness for the whole family. Wedding. Amazing photographers. Perfect weather. Breakfast at the sea. Little babys. Saarbrücken. Trier. Cochem. The most beautiful fairy tale castle. Pokemon Go. Pokemons everywhere. Too much sugar. Working, working, working. Christmas preperations. Design studies. Photo meditations. Polaroid love. Potsdam. Playing with friends. Lonely. Surprise. News. Terror. Sadness. Boring. Sad news. Simplifying to the max. Photo collection in half. Photobooth. Movie night. Games, games, games. Photobooks. A different Christmas and a slow New Year’s Eve.

December Days: this year

December Daily - Day 20| momentstolivefor.com

This year is the worst. Please 2016, it’s enough. It’s enough we have to cope with. Everytime we think, we are at the bottom another gap opens beneath our feet.

My thoughts are with all, who lost a family member or friend on the Christmas market in Berlin yesterday. And with all who lost someone this year. There are so many.

2016, it’s enough. Please leave us these last days to grieve and just be with our friends and families. Close Pandora’s box for good this year.

December Days: something good

December Daily - Day 17| momentstolivefor.com

This story is heartbreaking. It’s a story about a woman and her daughter who are ill-fated. The mother had to leave her job and therefore they lost their home. Now they are couch surfing at friends, because they can’t afford the rent for a home. Additionally they lost everything they owned, because they couldn’t afford the rent for their storage unit anymore. They lost everything – all photos of her daughter as a baby, the mothers birth certificate, all their furniture… You can read their whole story here.

When you want to do something good this Christmas and don’t want to donate to an anonymous cause, then please consider donating a little amount for Allegra and her daughter. They need 3.600 $ to pay their new home and it’s almost done. So every little amount brings them one step closer to their new home. Please think about it and share it.

December Days: light studies

December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com

When I started to take photos with the Instant app, one motive popped up again and again. The tree and street lamp across our office with an interesting wall of corrugated metal. It’s not spectacular, but what makes it the topic of my studies is the light. It changes within minutes and every time something different is enlightened. The wall, the last leaves, the reflection of our office windows on the wall. Just look at these photographs. Sure they are edited with a random filter, but look at the light, the spots of light. Isn’t it fascinating?

Light adds the magic to almost every photograph. Light creates interesting contrasts. I want to lern the magic, to get my hands on it.

December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.comDecember Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.com

Try it yourself. Choose one motive you can watch over day and take several photos, once in a while. When you compare them, you can spot the difference and where the magic lies.

December Days: sweet little tomcat

December Daily - Day 12| momentstolivefor.com

Poor little Toni had to go to the doctor today. So sorry, what I had to put him through. But it had to be. All the noise and lights out on the streets, the long minutes in the waiting room between strange smelling and sounding cats and people and then the worst of all, the needle for blood draw and the one for the infusion. Poor sweet little tomcat. You had to bear so much today. But all will be better in a few days. Believe me. It was all worth it. Sleep tight little tomcat. Tomorrow is another day.

December Days: gully cover

December Daily - Day 11 | momentstolivefor.com

Yet another blog. My friends telling me, I’m crazy starting another blog yet again. But I didn’t found another good solution to present my photos of gully covers.

I like gully covers because almost every bigger city has its own with the emblem of the city. Additionally they are round, my favorite geometric shape, and give a very interesting, geometric motif with their surroundings. Therefore I started taking photos of them while traveling.

To give them a place and let them not just sit on my hard drive and collect dust, I started a new tumblr blog called “gullydeckel” (the German word for gully cover). I will post every week one photo. Maybe you like to look at them too, then hop over to my new blog. I think, they are beautiful.

gullycover | momentstolivefor.com