December Days: up and down

December Daily - Day 10|

An unusual day. Some hours active and motivated, some tired and exhausted. Did some organizational stuff and took some polaroids of street art, then watched more than an hour stupid TV and slept half an hour. Did a crafting project, I wanted to do in years, then slept again. I finished the day with a glamorous concert of a friend and his band and afterwards with zapping through the mad TV program at night, eating chips. So many ups and downs. What a strange day.

December Days: polaroids

December Daily - Day 8|

A new passion of mine is born. Since I follow Susannah Conway I am enchanted by her photography, especially by her beautiful, magical polaroids. Her images are filled with soul. I just had to take her photography workshop ‚Photo Meditations‘. Simply saying: inspiring & stimulating. More to this later.

What you see here, are the photos I took in the last week. Sadly I don’t have a polaroid camera, so I had to find another solution to come at least close to the magic of polaroid. After a little research, I found the Instant app. It’s definitely not perfect, a little buggy, but it comes very close to the polaroid experience. You have the viewer of a polaroid camera, you have to wait till the photo develops and the emulsion (filter) is added randomly. I really adore the outcome. I discovered a new photo style and been finally inspired again to play with my camera. Try it, if you don’t have a polaroid. It’s a real step closer to the magic of polaroid.


December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| momentstolivefor.comDecember Daily - Day 8|

December Days: one thing, ten perspectives

one thing, ten perspectives | December Days |


A few days ago I watched this video about photo assignments and found the assignment so interessting, that I tried it then and there. Ignoring the fact, that I was in the office, actually working. But sometimes a girl just has to do, what she’s got to do, you know?


one thing, ten perspectives | December Days |


The assignment: Choose 1 thing and take photos from 10 different perspectives.


one thing, ten perspectives | December Days |


Simple, isn’t it? It was fun. You can see the images here. I choose my MacBook and was astonished, how fast I came up with new ideas. It was simply fun and set my inspiration on fire. Try it! I will definitely do it again, and again, and again.

December Days: rest in peace

December Daily - Day 3 |

R.I.P. my beloved Chucks. 

I didn’t notice at first. Not before this morning, when I wanted to go on a photo walk. Walking toward the front door, I heard a strange sound. Like chewing gum would stick between the sole and the floor. Then I recognized with terror the big hole gaping in the left shoe. So broken, inside and outside, impossible to repair. No way to save them. I must confess, I almost shed a tear.

Over some old worn out shoes – I know, it’s stupid, but I love these shoes. Carry would understand: “These shoes pinch my feet, but I love them.” Although she would never said that about these kind of shoes: chucks.

I bought them in 2007 after the end of a bad relationship and they always felt for me like a piece of freedom. They were my ‘feel good‘ shoes. My adventure boots. My ‘I can go anywhere‘ red shoes.

They were special, because of the turquoise and red lotus pattern. Always got much attention. Yes, they were worn out, but they were chucks, they had to look like this. Worn, dirty, broken on parts, but still walkable.

I wore them when I traveled: through Greece, Denmark, Swiss, an entire weekend in Paris till my leg hurt, when I went on photography trips through the city or on bicycle tours through the neighborhood and half of Germany. While studying in Bonn I wore them almost every day.

R.I.P. my beloved chucks |

This is still one of my favorite shots: sitting with my beloved chucks on a meadow on a late sunny afternoon, drinking coffee and watching the time and people go by down in the city.

Ten years they were a part of me, beloved, worn so often, together we walked so far, went on so many adventures…

I will miss them. My beloved chucks.

December Days: blocked

December Daily - Day 2 |

There are those days you are motivated from start and work your ass off, till there’s no work hours left. And then there are the other days, when you just can’t get yourself to start working effectively. Your brain simply doesn’t want to cooperate with you. You beg, you scream at your brain to give you just one idea, that makes the whole project work. But no, your thoughts are only circling around the same old, dull ideas…

At the end of the work day you give up. I give up. No inspiration, no motivation, just the hope that on Monday all will be better and that the brain is relaxed, open to new ideas.

The weekend is to begin. Time for play. Time for new things. Time for fun and rest. Time for beautiful inspiration like the magical winter photos by Junkaholique, that are breathtaking, and my favorite shot from today. Taken while working at home office and playing with my new app Instant. Polaroid is magic. I’m in love.

December Days

December Days |

December is stuffed with uncountable dates and events, bright, blazing lights and sales screaming everywhere at us, a to do list long as to the moon and back… we are stressed, feel overwhelmed, unsteady. When instead we should enjoy this time of year, review the past year, plan for the new and simply be calm and with the ones we love.

I’m no exception. So to gain a little bit of calmness, I want to write every day on this blog throughout December. Inspired by Hula Seventy who wrote every day through November, I want to try it myself. One picture and at least three words every day. No long story, no big tutorial, just words, every day. Sounds manageable, don’t you think? Maybe I even get my blogging groove back. Who knows? 😉

in august

photo walk: red II |

When I searchend my blog for my last monthly review, I was somehow shocked finding it in December 2014. The last year was really a slow one on the blog, but my life was filled with events and mile long to do lists. Today I want to bring back the monthly review, because I miss it. It’s a moment for me to pause and reflect on the month behind me, that otherwise would fly by so fast, unrecognized. So without further ado…



Trying to be present and simply enjoy the summer and the mostly free time after this eventful, busy year.



Simplifying our home is one step closer to  a medium minimalism. It’s still a lot of stuff and my fingers are prickling, because they want to do more, get rid of more stuff. But at the moment I’m happy how far I’ve come and how good it feels.

Sorting through my photos and purging at least half of it or better two third. It’s a work in progess. But step by step or better byte by byte I’m keeping on going forward and sorting through every folder and deleting gigabytes of pictures.



Finally wrote all ‘thank you’ notes for all our wedding guests and beyond. It took me several hours with help of my husband, but now they are finally shipped.



Changing rapidly between cold and much too hot. One day I have to wear a sweater, the other day I’m dying of heat while only wearing a thin shirt. So looking forward to a moderate autumn.



For a few weeks I tried to take every day another online course on those terrific online platforms Skillshare and Creativebug. It was amazing. In only 15 to 30 minutes every day I lerned so much, from cocking to painting to programming a website.

While editing the photos of our wedding, I lerned a lot about Lightroom and all those little options you can change and that can make an image really pop.



My new favorite TV serie, although a little older, is ‘Lie to me’. Absolutely fascinating lerning about micro expressions and unconscious human behaviour.

I’m over the top inspired by Flora Bowley’s course ‘Intuitive Painting” on Creativebug. There was so much to lern and try. It was like magic on a canvas.



Potsdam is not that far away from Berlin and always worth a visit. Beautiful, charming city with a lot of green and impressive architecture.

Pokemon is fun, even if you don’t play it actively. My husband (still getting used to not calling him my boyfriend anymore) plays it enthusiasticly, so we went on some walks to get him some new Pokemons. I used the time for taking photos or when we stayed at one place for longer, catching up on my reading. So fun & a perfect match!


Looking forward to an eventful, travelsome September.