first signs of spring

a walk in the sun in Derneburg, Germany |

Sunshine again. The first snowdrops and crocuses. Migratory birds are back. Time for a walk.

We had a lovely time at my parents. My dad celebrated his birthday with our family. It was a fun afternoon with much laugh, mostly because of my almost 2 year old godchild, that made funny faces or trampled through the rooms. But most amazing of all: she lerned to say my name – Sa-bi-ne. Soooo cute. Everyone awww-ed when she pronounced it so very distinct. I’m so proud of her.


the first crocuses of 2014 |

the Derneburg castle, Germany |

a walk in the sun in Derneburg, Germany |

the first snowdrops of 2014 |

PS: all photos were taken with my iPhone 4s and slightly edited with the app VSCOcam.

stress release – 10 tipps

sunset over the Hamme river by momentstolivefor

Are you stressed? Who isn’t at the moment, only four days until Christmas eve, yikes! I have still so much on my to do-list,… So I thought about, how I could get rid of this tense feeling. And here’s what I came up with – simple and not at all time consuming:

  1. Watch your children or pets while playing.
  2. Laugh with someone as much as possible.
  3. Listen to some relaxing music.
  4. Do some yoga or pilates.
  5. Do something just for you, if only for half an hour.
  6. Cuddle with your partner, it releases feel good hormones.
  7. Sit down and drink a cup of hot chocolate or tea.
  8. Take a nice and relaxing bath.
  9. Take a walk, even when it’s snowing or raining.
  10. Breath. Really, stand still for a few minutes and just breath.

wish that everyone of you can enjoy this precious time of year and not just rush through it

Love Sabine

I found the end of the rainbow

rainbows end

It was so beautiful; no pot of gold necessary. 🙂

All the car drivers passed by and I bet not one of them noticed this wonderful sky event right next to them. And that was the moment I remembered why…

… I ride my bike to work, because I can stop wherever and whenever I want.

… I ride my bike, because I go so much slower and have time to really look around and take it all in.

… I always have a camera with me, because when such a snatch arrives, I’m ready to take a shot to remember it forever.

… I’m thankful for my iPhone, because I can never forget to pack my camera.

… I love living here in this beautiful landscape near the North Sea, because most of the time weather is unpredictable and that’s part of the fun.

…I like rain, because without it, there would never be a rainbow.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend with at least one wonderful moment to remember forever


Summer love: my summer moments

Send you lots of sunshine wherever you are. 🙂 Now it’s finally possible to sit outside late and enjoy a summer evening in Germany. The temperature is rising and I’ve got my first sunburn this year, ouch. Besides that I try to soak up every bit of summerfeeling I can get – on my balcony or on bike- and phototours, with icecream and fresh fruits and vegetables. Lovely time!

All photos were take with my iPhone4S and edited with Instagram and Picfx. You can follow me on Instagram 🙂

i’m now on instagram too

On Friday my iphone arrived and I’m sooo happy. Couldn’t take my finger off it this weekend, especially off the camera and instagram. It’s perfect to capture those little moments in your day, that make you happy.

For me, these were a few of my favorite moments this weekend: playing hopscotch with my godchildren, reading an inspiring book and drinking coffee on my balcony, staying in bed way too long and talking with my friends in their beautiful garden full of flowers. And what did you do this weekend, what you want to remember?

If you want to follow me, my instagram name is momentstolivefor.

grey outside, sunny inside

Inspired by this sunny post, I thought it is time to do something against this sad summer mood here in Europe, too. The weather is not at all summer-like, mostly grey sky, rain, windy and not really comfortable temperatures. So here are some pictures I found on pinterest, that will bring the sun back, at least inside your mind 🙂


You can find more summer pictures on my summer love-board at pinterest.

the perfect ending

Yesterday I had to work highly concentrated the whole day. My head felt like bursting at any moment. When I got off from work I rode to my friend Susanne and we sat in her garden beneath some trees under a much too blue sky. We talked for two hours and had fun playing with our shadows. It was the perfect ending of a stressful work day.
Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


This week was very hard for me. We had to finish a big project and therefore had to do some overtime. It was very late when I rode home on my bike, but the light was beautiful. It was shortly before sunset, everything was dipped in warm colors. It was so lovely and I couldn’t resist taking pictures on my way home.

For the last hours I sat alone in our office and while I was working I listened to some music. One of the songs reminded me of a summer about ten years ago. It was the same lovely summer feeling that got me in this moment like back then. And instantly I had all the pictures of this summer in my mind again: my friends and me camping, our last exams, wonderful evenings at our lake and so much more. Wish I could be there again… 🙂

I’m happy to see some of my friends this weekend in my hometown. Hopefully we will make some memories worth remembering in ten years from now.