singing in the rain

Maybe not singing, no, not really. Yesterday I was more cursing on my way home from choir practice, when I got into really heavy rains. I was wet down to my skin in a few minutes and had still a long way on my bike to ride home.

But when I finally was home, I made fun of the situation and took photos of my soaked clothes. I never was that wet without falling into a lake 😉 I had this idea of taking photos, because I was inspired by the rainy dairy – guest post of Kara on A Beautiful Mess

It got me thinking, how many beautiful things there are, to make those rainy moments fun. Like Mighty Girl did with her son:

Source: Mighty Girl

There are a lot of colorful, fun rain boots like these:

Source: boots4you

and just as well colorful umbrellas:

Source: shedrain

And naturally an old classic with the perfect quote: “From where I’m standing the sun is shining all over the place”. Just hum along:

So next time you’ll be outside and suddenly a rain shower comes along, remember that it’s just a point of view. So start singing: “I’m singing in the rain, I’m singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.”

Have a wonderful day 🙂

it’s an early summer peek

Everything is in full blossom around here. Therefore I packed my camera and took a ride around my village yesterday. It was so warm, that you could think it’s already summer.
I love those days, when I have no plans and time to take a photo tour just for fun to catch those wonderful moments.