December Days: sweet little tomcat

December Daily - Day 12|

Poor little ToniΒ had to go to the doctor today. So sorry, what I had to put him through. But it had to be. All the noise and lights out on the streets, the long minutes in the waiting room between strange smelling and sounding cats and people and then the worst of all, the needle for blood draw and the one for the infusion. Poor sweet little tomcat. You had to bear so much today. But all will be better in a few days. Believe me. It was all worth it. Sleep tight little tomcat. Tomorrow is another day.

DIY: a new home for my cats

DIY cardboard cathouse | momentstolivefor

A while ago I’ve got this big cardboard box from a friend and it stood there in my livingroom untouched by me but loved by my cats as a big den. The box looked very shabby, that’s why I decided to turn it into a house for my cats and make it suitable for a room to look at like this one, which inspired me.


DIY cardboard cathouse | momentstolivefor

First I taped the top of the box like a roof and cut the left and right part as a triangle fitted to the taped top shape. Then I cut windows, doors and the cat shaped hole with a cutter free hand.

After that Toni and Fine couldn’t wait any longer. They had been sitting beside me the whole time, watching in anticipation of what I’m doing to their beloved cave.

DIY cardboard cathouse | momentstolivefor

After a close inspection and the favor of both I took the house outside, painted the door and window frames as well as the roof white, left it outside to dry and later, while watching some movie, set the last accents with a black permanent marker.


DIY cardboard cathouse | momentstolivefor

Toni cuddled onto the blanket and slept in their new house right away. Do you like it, too? πŸ˜‰

DIY cardboard cathouse | momentstolivefor

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a wonderful weekend

Hope you all had a wonderful, chillin’ weekend like me. My parents visited on Saturday and we had a great time talking, eating chinese food and walking around in the city.

The air was really cold, but the sunshine and blue skiy with these little white clouds were amazing. Loved how this light brought out so powerful colors on flowers in many front gardens.

My parents brought our family choco cake with them. It’s our family tradition to bake this on everyones birthday and sometimes, like this weekend, just for fun. My mother wrote the names of my cats and me into the sugar powder, but because of the packing the writing faded. But it was a lovely idea anyway.

Late in noontime I cooked chinese food and my parents tried to ate with chopsticks for the first time. And I can say, they did it with success. It was so yummy. πŸ™‚

Afterwards my mom showed me, how to use her old sewing machine. I had it for a long time now, but never used it, because I was to lazy to read the necessary steps in the manual. And this way my mom had a laugh, when she remembered all her evenings on this machine, sewing clothes for me and my dolls.

I hope, that soon I’ll have enough leisure to start sewing again. I did this a long time ago in school and was good at it, but then studies and life happened and I forgot about this beautiful hobby. Now I want to recycle all my old clothes, that aren’t worth selling anymore and make something new and pretty out of it. πŸ™‚

Have a sunny week πŸ™‚

disturbed crafting

This is how it looks when I’m crafting, always. As soon as I have some paper lying around or a roll of washi tape, my cats are on it; in this case it’s Finchen having fun, while I’m shooting the sunny wreath-DIY. Tearing the paper apart and kicking the roll across the floor. Anyone of you having the same trouble? πŸ™‚