December Days: this year

December Daily - Day 20|

This year is the worst. Please 2016, it’s enough. It’s enough we have to cope with. Everytime we think, we are at the bottom another gap opens beneath our feet.

My thoughts are with all, who lost a family member or friend on the Christmas market in Berlin yesterday. And with all who lost someone this year. There are so many.

2016, it’s enough. Please leave us these last days to grieve and just be with our friends and families. Close Pandora’s box for good this year.

December Days: something good

December Daily - Day 17|

This story is heartbreaking. It’s a story about a woman and her daughter who are ill-fated. The mother had to leave her job and therefore they lost their home. Now they are couch surfing at friends, because they can’t afford the rent for a home. Additionally they lost everything they owned, because they couldn’t afford the rent for their storage unit anymore. They lost everything – all photos of her daughter as a baby, the mothers birth certificate, all their furniture… You can read their whole story here.

When you want to do something good this Christmas and don’t want to donate to an anonymous cause, then please consider donating a little amount for Allegra and her daughter. They need 3.600 $ to pay their new home and it’s almost done. So every little amount brings them one step closer to their new home. Please think about it and share it.

December Days: light studies

December Daily - Day 15|

When I started to take photos with the Instant app, one motive popped up again and again. The tree and street lamp across our office with an interesting wall of corrugated metal. It’s not spectacular, but what makes it the topic of my studies is the light. It changes within minutes and every time something different is enlightened. The wall, the last leaves, the reflection of our office windows on the wall. Just look at these photographs. Sure they are edited with a random filter, but look at the light, the spots of light. Isn’t it fascinating?

Light adds the magic to almost every photograph. Light creates interesting contrasts. I want to lern the magic, to get my hands on it.

December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.comDecember Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15|

Try it yourself. Choose one motive you can watch over day and take several photos, once in a while. When you compare them, you can spot the difference and where the magic lies.

December Days: sweet little tomcat

December Daily - Day 12|

Poor little Toni had to go to the doctor today. So sorry, what I had to put him through. But it had to be. All the noise and lights out on the streets, the long minutes in the waiting room between strange smelling and sounding cats and people and then the worst of all, the needle for blood draw and the one for the infusion. Poor sweet little tomcat. You had to bear so much today. But all will be better in a few days. Believe me. It was all worth it. Sleep tight little tomcat. Tomorrow is another day.

December Days: up and down

December Daily - Day 10|

An unusual day. Some hours active and motivated, some tired and exhausted. Did some organizational stuff and took some polaroids of street art, then watched more than an hour stupid TV and slept half an hour. Did a crafting project, I wanted to do in years, then slept again. I finished the day with a glamorous concert of a friend and his band and afterwards with zapping through the mad TV program at night, eating chips. So many ups and downs. What a strange day.

December Days: polaroids

December Daily - Day 8|

A new passion of mine is born. Since I follow Susannah Conway I am enchanted by her photography, especially by her beautiful, magical polaroids. Her images are filled with soul. I just had to take her photography workshop ‚Photo Meditations‘. Simply saying: inspiring & stimulating. More to this later.

What you see here, are the photos I took in the last week. Sadly I don’t have a polaroid camera, so I had to find another solution to come at least close to the magic of polaroid. After a little research, I found the Instant app. It’s definitely not perfect, a little buggy, but it comes very close to the polaroid experience. You have the viewer of a polaroid camera, you have to wait till the photo develops and the emulsion (filter) is added randomly. I really adore the outcome. I discovered a new photo style and been finally inspired again to play with my camera. Try it, if you don’t have a polaroid. It’s a real step closer to the magic of polaroid.


December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| momentstolivefor.comDecember Daily - Day 8|

December Days: one thing, ten perspectives

one thing, ten perspectives | December Days |


A few days ago I watched this video about photo assignments and found the assignment so interessting, that I tried it then and there. Ignoring the fact, that I was in the office, actually working. But sometimes a girl just has to do, what she’s got to do, you know?


one thing, ten perspectives | December Days |


The assignment: Choose 1 thing and take photos from 10 different perspectives.


one thing, ten perspectives | December Days |


Simple, isn’t it? It was fun. You can see the images here. I choose my MacBook and was astonished, how fast I came up with new ideas. It was simply fun and set my inspiration on fire. Try it! I will definitely do it again, and again, and again.