a crafty 365 days challenge – wanna join me?

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This weekend I had endless time for crafting. On Monday morning I woke up, feeling happy, calm and balanced. The activity of crafting was not the only factor for my happiness, but it was a big one. When I sat at the kitchen table and looked at my photos from my one year of cups-challenge, the wish in me grow, to take on a new challenge. I love looking back at these photos, knowing what I’ve accomplished going through with it for a whole year and lerning so much about photography, light and composition. So I decided to start a new 365 days challenge: I want to craft everyday for one whole year.

These are the rules:

1. Craft everyday.

It doesn’t have to be a whole new project everyday, it’s enough, if I just put some washi tape stripes as embellishment on an envelope. The important thing is, to sit down and do something creative with my hands.

2. Document everyday.

To be accountable I will document every little crafty thing with a photo and collect them in the fabulous app ‘Collect‘. There I have the perfect overview above all days and what I’ve created, because it shows one photo every day. At the end I can print every photo with date and text like you can see it here. There’s an export function to save these calendar cards from this app.

Collect app

Above that, I will post the photo to Instagram and a new tumblr blog I created for this purpose. That way I have every photo in one gallery for everyone to see and follow. That’s another beauty of the Collect app: you can share the photo and text directly with Instagram or some other Social Medias or save them in your Dropbox.

3. There will be some days…

…that I don’t find the time to craft, not even a little thing. By that I don’t mean regular days, being stressed from work or full with appointments. I mean days like Christmas or birthdays, when I enjoy time with friends and family and nothing more. This is one from the lessons I lerned from my cup-challenge. Therefore I give myself permission to pause my challenge on these days, but I will have to craft two things instead of one the following day. As said before, it doesn’t have to be something big.

Wanna join me?

I would be delighted, if you join me on this exciting journey. You can simply post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #365craftingtime. That’s all.

If you want to announce the start of your personal journey, you can use the cover photo from me or create your own.

If you want to be able to show everything you created with one hashtag, maybe you can use the official hashtag plus your name, f.e. #365craftingtimesabine or something similar.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me via email (blog@momentstolivefor.com) or Instagram or just leave a comment here.

Let the crafting begin 🙂