in august

in August | I miss the sea |

on many new content-heavy blog posts. So amazed, what I came up with and ready to share it with you guys soon.

a little bit colder than expected, not really summerly, combined with some heavy rain showers. But mostly sunny with little puffy clouds of white.

a travel journal, a travel art journal, art journaling, Project Life pages, pictures for our kitchen, living room and corridor.

listening to…
the breaking of the waves and the call of the sea gulls.

much less TV and therefore have much more time for crafting and taking walks.

Jeremy Clarkson’s ‚The World According to Clarkson‘ – from time to time I’m watching Top Gear with my man and lerned to love Jeremy’s humor.

our vacation (the last bits), the new year (counting from my birthday) and a little bit of 2015. There are some big events coming up, but I can’t tell you right now. But I’m so excited and happy about it.

a lot of coffee, water and dark beer, my new favorite.

most delicious food on our vacation. So much, that we were both fed up afterwards and now trying to eat less meat and more vegetables.

along the beach and around Stralsund and Rostock.

for two weeks almost only my bike clothes, because we were riding our bicycles every single day on our vacation.

our vacation to the fullest. After an awkward, miserable start, we had one of our best vacations ever.

to simplify again. After living two weeks with so few stuff and being happy about it, it’s about time to get rid of some things again, which are cluttering the apartment.

the beach, our bicycle trips, the Baltic sea, hanseatic architecture and much more.

about how happy I am, what crafting really means to me and how to be more in the moment than thinking about future and past.

what this exciting new year will bring.


now I’m up for one of my favorites month, September




goals in august

light game |

Goals, goals, goals. Not only on the football World Cup ;), but on my list for July:

1. Enjoy the summer.
√ Done. Made a picknick in the park, drank cocktails and ate a lot of melons.

2. Make plans for a wonderful, enjoyable vacation.
√ Check. Still in planning mode, but its in process and not too far away.

3. Post at least one or two crafty projects.
√ Did one. That counts.

4. Work on my Project Life.
√ Yes, ordered a big bunch of photos from 2014 and 2013 to fill my pages. Finally.

5. Decorate the living room.
– Didn’t found the time to concentrate on this. Maybe next month.

6. Decorate the kitchen.
– Dito.

7. Paint the workroom white.
√ Yeah, did this. Had to paint it three times till the white paint finally covered the old green tapestry. Really hard work, but now it looks so great and light.

8. Update the blog.
√ Updated the pages (like wanderlust) and several little widgets.

I think, I did pretty good. Fast forward to August, the month of our vacation. Two weeks on a bike. I’m so excited about it. So time to enjoy this summer to the fullest and not do too much. There will come a time again, maybe next month, when there’s enough room to fill the list with more goals, but not now. These will be enough:

1. Enjoy our vacation to the fullest.

2. Decorate the living room.

3. Decorate the kitchen.

4. Sort through my new photos from our vacation and delete most of the photos.

5. Get my printer up and running, so I can work with it on craft projects.

6. Celebrate our birthdays in our own way.

7. Prepare enough blog posts for the vacation time.

8. Finish most of the Project Life pages I filled only with photos.

enjoy this amazing month with all your senses