flower fun in the sun


The temperatures are rising here in Germany and especially in Berlin. It feels already like hot summer. Therefore our balcony is our new favorite room to be. Since I’ve shared shots from our balcony the last two years (2013, 2012), I don’t want to break with this series. Our two cats enjoy every minute on the balcony and Toni especially those spots, where a little bit of dirt is, here sawdust from a project. Little dirty cat. 😉




everything’s green

little leaves - balcony update 2013 by momentstolivefor
A little update from our balcony. One and a half month ago we planted everything, now it’s green everywhere, in every single flower pot. And if it is just these little leaves. The herbs are running riot like weeds and the tomato plants are already at waist level. Don’t know, where this will end. Everytime I look at the plants I think they have grown again at least five centimeters. We used already some herbs for cooking, but I can’t wait to eat the first tomatoes from our home grown tomato plants. How’s your garden or balcony doing?
everything's green - balcony update 2013 by momentstoliveforenlightend beautiful flowers - balcony update 2013 by momentstoliveforin every single flower pot some green - balcony update 2013 by momentstoliveforgreen everywhere - balcony update 2013 by momentstolivefordill - balcony update 2013 by momentstolivefor tomato plant shadow - balcony update 2013 by momentstoliveforso many colorful flowers - balcony update 2013 by momentstolivefor

have a good start into the new week