plans for Project Life in 2015

box for the Project Life cards 2015 |

2015 will be my third year with Project Life and I love it. My usual routine until now was to wait 3-4 months and then order all photos of this time at once. It’s super to save money, because you get a discount ordering bulks of photos, but not good for the creativity. There are so many unfinished pages in the two albums of 2013 and 2014. I don’t do the weekly style. It’s just not for me. I have several big occasions, that I give a whole page or even a spread, because there are just too many beautiful photos not to show. For example photo walks or sightseeing visits are perfect for a whole page spread. In between I fill in spreads with single photos from our everyday life. I do one to two spreads per month. This pattern works very well for me and I will keep going in this style. But there are some things I like to change up a little bit this year. First of all to make the process simpler and faster and second to create a little structure inside the album. Therefore these are my goals for my Project Life album 2015:

  • no rounded corners – saves simply a lot of time to put the photos in the pockets the way they are.
  • only filler & journaling cards in black, grey, white and gold. Even my album is black & white. Reducing the colors to these four will make the process a lot easier and I just love this color combination, like everyone else it seems at the moment. The internet and especially Project Life pages are full with these colors. I think their beauty is, that they look great next to every photo. Colorful cards are always a little problematic, because they should fit the colors in the photos.
  • more filler & journaling cards – few photos and more filler cards, that’s the layouts I always pin on Pinterest. But I always fill my own pages completely with photos and leave at most one or two pockets for journaling cards.
  • more journaling – up to now I almost never journal, I let the photos speak for themselves. But I missed a lot of moments, where I just hadn’t my camera at hand or the background story isn’t clear from the photo and I will probably forget about it in time. I simply don’t like to journal, because I don’t have the words. It always sounds so simple and uninteresting. But maybe this little course by Stacy Julian will help me to get better at journaling.

my own designed Project Life cards |

  • my own design – I will try and make my own cards with help of painting, stamping, washi tape and Photoshop. I already started and made a whole bunch of cards and even a little box to collect the cards for this year, seperated from my usual PL cards. I still have some of the black & white cards I made some time ago, they fit the new album perfectly.
  • start every month with an intro page – with my one little word cards, a card with the name of the month, journaling cards like “doing, seeing, eating“ and „big happenings this month“ and my favorite photos from this month. This way I want to seperate the pages of every month more clearly and take a little look at what happened this month.

handmade Project Life cards 2015 |

Beside the new 2015 album, I will try to finish the other two of 2013 and 2014, before I forget everything about the events documented there. And above that maybe do even some further pages for my old albums from before 2013. But that’s just a dream. We will see, how it goes.

Manda Townsend, Annette Haring and Vanessa Documented shared their Project Life plans for 2015 too. And if you are interested to see, where my inspiration came from, here’s my Pinterest Board with lots of beautiful Project Life layouts and cards.

Do you have any plans for Project Life 2015?

train your photographic eye

monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor

On Thursday my boyfriend and I went to Wremen, North of Bremerhaven, to take a walk along the coast and soak up the sun. Somehow I didn’t feel like taking photos, because I went there before and it would have been just the same motives. But suddenly I had the idea. I changed my SLR camera into the monochrome mode. This way I tried to train my eye for black & white photography. When I checked the photos on the camera, I wasn’t very satisfied or even thrilled about the results. They looked somehow boring and uninteresting. But now, that I see the photos in large, they put a smile on my face. I love the textures and light spots in the pictures.

monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor
monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor
monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor
monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor
monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor
monochrome photo walk at Wremen, Germany | momentstolivefor

I’m always amazed, how different monochrome photos look compared to colored photos. How the focus rests on textures and light & shadow, and how poetical pictures look suddenly. It always feels a little bit more like art, taking photos this way. What do you think?

All photos were taken with my Olympus E-520 camera in the monochrome mode and were not edited afterwards.