December Days

December Days |

December is stuffed with uncountable dates and events, bright, blazing lights and sales screaming everywhere at us, a to do list long as to the moon and back… we are stressed, feel overwhelmed, unsteady. When instead we should enjoy this time of year, review the past year, plan for the new and simply be calm and with the ones we love.

I’m no exception. So to gain a little bit of calmness, I want to write every day on this blog throughout December. Inspired by Hula Seventy who wrote every day through November, I want to try it myself. One picture and at least three words every day. No long story, no big tutorial, just words, every day. Sounds manageable, don’t you think? Maybe I even get my blogging groove back. Who knows? 😉

Berlin, my love – my new blog


Did I mention, that I love Berlin?! This city is amazing. It’s loud, it never sleeps, it’s crowded, it’s dangerous (mostly for cyclists), but I love it.

There is so much to see and discover. Like hundreds of pretty, inspirational shops everywhere, beautiful architecture, fun fleamarkets, street art at every wall and corner and so much more…

And like you maybe guessed, my camera will sound like an automatic gun as much as I will take photos around the city. Because I don’t want to overwhelm you with all those photos but still want to share them, I decided to start another Tumblr blog featuring my favorite Berlin photos. Take a look at ‘Berlin, my love‘, maybe you like it. 😉

one year of blogging

one year of blogging by momentstolivefor

It is unbelievable, as always, how fast this one year past. Last year on this day I started this blog. I wrote my very first post and published it. I wasn’t sure, what this journey would bring. If I would be inspired and organized enough to keep this blog going, but I did, I have and I’m so happy about it. So yesterday I did a little brainstorming about my blogging experiences and dreams:

what I like, what I love:

Although it’s very time consuming, it makes me happy; seeing all my stuff out there for you to see and inspire you, reading your comments, being part of this great blogger community.

I love the blogger community and how they act on so many blogs, how they comment and engage in everyones life. It’s like a big friendzone.

I love the creativity on blogs, which is such an inspiration to me. There is so much creativity out there in the world, that I sometimes forget, that it’s not the only life I’m living. I could craft the whole day just to bring some of these gorgeous ideas to life.

what I’ve learned:

If you have a 40 hour/week job, like me, you have to prepare posts for at least two weeks ahead. Otherwise life happens and you don’t find the time or energy to write.

A blog is ongoing work, even if it’s just the sidebar, that needs to be updated from time to time.

You need to deliver quality work to get your posts promoted nowadays (like on craftgawker f.e.). The idea alone isn’t enough.

You should always be up-to-date with technique (like pin it-buttons on your pictures). I still have to solve this one.

You always will have more ideas than time to write the posts.

what I still have to learn, what I want to learn:

How to write better DIYs and take better photos with the perfect light.

How to get you guys to engage more in this blog and maybe even start a discussion in the comments.

How to get the perfect style for my photos and pictures for this blog.

How to work more effectively, when time is short.

what I would like to achieve:

Redesign my blog – make it look and feel professional (my next big project).

Develop more simple and fun photo projects.

Write a self-paced ecourse about minialbums – how would you like that?

Write a book about minialbums someday.


one year of blogging by momentstolivefor

These are some of the things, that came into mind, when I thought about my first year of blogging. I’m so excited, what the next year will bring and where I am in one year from now. I’m so glad, you are with me on this wonderful journey and thank you for your kind comments and reading my blog.
If you have any questions or have a wish, what you would like to read here, please contact me:

blog (at) or write it in the comments.