December Days: rest in peace

December Daily - Day 3 |

R.I.P. my beloved Chucks. 

I didn’t notice at first. Not before this morning, when I wanted to go on a photo walk. Walking toward the front door, I heard a strange sound. Like chewing gum would stick between the sole and the floor. Then I recognized with terror the big hole gaping in the left shoe. So broken, inside and outside, impossible to repair. No way to save them. I must confess, I almost shed a tear.

Over some old worn out shoes – I know, it’s stupid, but I love these shoes. Carry would understand: “These shoes pinch my feet, but I love them.” Although she would never said that about these kind of shoes: chucks.

I bought them in 2007 after the end of a bad relationship and they always felt for me like a piece of freedom. They were my ‘feel good‘ shoes. My adventure boots. My ‘I can go anywhere‘ red shoes.

They were special, because of the turquoise and red lotus pattern. Always got much attention. Yes, they were worn out, but they were chucks, they had to look like this. Worn, dirty, broken on parts, but still walkable.

I wore them when I traveled: through Greece, Denmark, Swiss, an entire weekend in Paris till my leg hurt, when I went on photography trips through the city or on bicycle tours through the neighborhood and half of Germany. While studying in Bonn I wore them almost every day.

R.I.P. my beloved chucks |

This is still one of my favorite shots: sitting with my beloved chucks on a meadow on a late sunny afternoon, drinking coffee and watching the time and people go by down in the city.

Ten years they were a part of me, beloved, worn so often, together we walked so far, went on so many adventures…

I will miss them. My beloved chucks.