minialbum: streetart

streetart minialbum details by momentstolivefor

Streetart is amazing. It pops up on places you would never imagine. It colors places, that would otherwise be grey and unremarkable. It’s a non-conformist art. It can be a grafitti, a tag, a chalk painting on a sidewalk or even an installation with lego or wool.

streetart minialbum cover by momentstolivefor

A while ago I started taking pictures of streetart, wherever I walked, foremost in Bremen and on my big biketour this year. I really like the photos and wanted to present them in some way and not just keep them on my computer. In July I had a craft flash and prepared this minialbum with streetmaps as background, but at that moment I hadn’t any photos at hand. Last week I edited the photos and ordered them. I really like the white frame with the rounded corners.

streetart minialbum pages by momentstolivefor
streetart minialbum pages by momentstolivefor

For the minialbum I used only old street maps, washi tapes and two bookrings. That’s it. It was very easy and fast to make. 🙂

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