Be open: create & share

April 2015: be open - create & share |

March was all about lerning. And I did lern a lot of things. Most of all, that living your life to the fullest and meeting friends and family are the most important things. Therefore my big lerning plans fell almost through. But the one thing I followed through with, was the video course by Xanthe Berkeley and therefore made my very first stop-motion-movie. Maybe April will bring more time for my own projects.

The next 30 days will be all about creating. Not only creating crafty things, but a whole lot of different things, but for sure will be the focus mostly on crafting. Most of all since I collected all UFOs (unfinished objects) in a box and was overwhelmed by their number. So it’s time to reduce this number severely.

Create little Easter gifts.

Create an overview of all unfinished craft projects.

Create delicious meals.

Create colorful, optimistic decoration for our home.

Create a whole lot of crafty things.

Create at least one new tutorial.

Create a second movie to share.

Create a new sharing routine for Instagram.

Create happy people.

be open – create & share

Sketchbook Project 2012

Create & Capture - cover | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

In 2012 I stumbled upon the Sketchbook Project. If you haven’t heared about it, it’s a collection of sketchbooks all in one library and made by you. To be exact, you order an official sketchbook on their website and when it arrives, you fill it up with your sketches, collages or whatever comes into your mind. When you are done, you send it back and it will be catalogued and can be viewed by anyone visiting the library on the internet, if you choose the digital version too. The little library of The Sketchbook Project is mobile and travels through the USA and sometimes even around the world.

When I ordered a sketchbook of my own, I was simply curious, what I would come up with. Since you don’t have a set theme to work around, you are free to choose whatever you want. You can even rip it apart and stitch it together, if you want to. It took me a long time to choose a theme, but when I found it (“Create & Capture”), I finshed the sketchbook within two weeks. And I came up with totally new ideas and styles of collages for me. It was like a journey to know myself better. I posted every page in 2012 on the blog, but since the pages look like an art journal and the photos are way too small, I thought it would be fun to share them again with you in a single post, all together.

Create & Capture this moment | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

The Big C | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Try again | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Sing your song | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Logic & Imagination | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Life is short | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Photography | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Create, don't be afraid | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

A wow moment | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

I see something beautiful | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Enjoy the little things | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Create | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

No wrong, no right | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Create something new | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

Create something, something bold | Sketchbook Project 2012 |

If you are interested to participate in the Sketchbook Project yourself, you can order your sketchbook here.