Be open: explore & share

be open: explore & share

In May ‚work‘ was my one little word I focused on. And work I did. Really hard and in multiple ways. I simplified our home big time, got rid of 8 bags of trash, sold several furnitures and have at least four big boxes that I want to sell soon. I moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress (more on that in another post). I organized my recipes, old notes, quotes and so much more with Evernote. I started to do sport every morning, really every morning (so proud of myself, I’ve stuck with it). I found finally a system for my old photos I’m happy with and started to organize them this way. I finished three big craft projects (two crocheted rugs and a wooden game). I reorganized all rooms in one way or another. I organized several of our events and vacations in summer. Feels so damn good to get stuff done.

Since the last month was so full with tasks and actions, this month should feel light and free. So it’s all about exploring, everything and everywhere. Nothing more, nothing less.

Explore the neighborhood.

Explore Berlin.

Explore new possibilities.

Explore new hobbies.

be open – explore & share