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Get Messy | the happiness advantage |

At the moment I’m reading “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor and am so impressed by it, that the thoughts circled in my mind even while art journaling. It’s no surprise so, that two pages where inspired by this mind changing book.

Get Messy | the happiness advantage |

Get Messy | the happiness advantage |

The first page reminds me of the core message: ‘Not success brings happiness, but happiness leads to success’. It says, that you have to think positive about your work to be successful at work, not the other way around. Therefore it’s essential to find ways and elaborate behaviors that fuel happiness.

The second page was more a way of questioning this thesis. Foremost the statement, that you just have to think happy thoughts to become happy. But what if I can’t manage to replace the criticizing and negative thoughts? How do I do this? Don’t get me wrong, I like the book and its statements. There will be for sure another art journal page in the future inspired by it.

Get Messy | a #happy mind |

Get Messy | a #happy mind |

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in March

beautiful walk through the park of #Erlangen, #Germany - but really cold | momentstolivefor

productive… on some quiet Sundays with a lot of project photos and some crafts.

inspired… by some really good, fascinating and valuable books.

frustrated… cause we still don’t have internet!

organized… because I found wooden boxes with the perfect size for my stamp and washi tape collections, at last.

sporty… we started our training at a local gym, finally.

emotional… because of the funeral of my boyfriend’s uncle.

on the road… drove to the North (Wilhelmshaven) and South (Erlangen), almost across entire Germany.

cuddly… cats. Do I have to say more?

grateful… for the opportunity to give the Liebster Award to some of my favorite bloggers and more than that for those sweet and amazing bloggers like Caylee, Aimee and Lonneke.

cheerful… thanks to some summer like sunshine and temperatures.