in july

in July | pretty butterflies |

on my art journal for Get Messy and several awesome new blog posts. So excited to finally have time and the free mind again to work concentrated on the blog and new craft projects.

way too hot. This is so not my weather. 30°C and more on a regular work day. When I came home, there was nothing I could do but lay on the sofa and watch TV, a cold, wet towel on my side.

art journal pages and finally many new and old Project Life pages.

listening to…
music of the summer and my favorites playlists on Spotify.

the football World Cup. We are world champions! What a party in Berlin and all over Germany it was! 🙂

The Night Circus, and finally finished it. The best book I’ve read in a long, long time.

our vacation. The next big bike tour is coming. But this time together with my boyfriend to the Eastsea.

Aperol Sprizz and Rhabarbar prosecco, very yummy. The in-drink this year in Germany.

lots of (water) melons and ice cream.

along the Havel river in Berlin and the streets of Berlin.

my new flip-flops. So happy that I found this pretty, comfortable ones.

some free time playing Playstation with my boyfriend – Marvel Lego game. So fun and hilarious. finally a game we can play together, not against each other.

cooler weather. 5°C less would be more than enough and some rain, to dance in the summer rain.

several photo walks and round & round’s.

a lot about our vacation and if we can manage it. And about the blog, the amazing group of creative vixens on Get Messy and many, many new blog posts. My brain is working like mad.

when we finally settled in in our life and work in Berlin, if we can build something of a routine with more free time now.

looking forward to a awesome, exciting August


goals in july

street art in Berlin |

These were my goals for June and how they turned out:

1. Enjoy the summer.
-/+ more or less. When the weather was summerly, I had to work and the other way round – time but rainy & grey weather. But now it’s July and there is so much more free time in sight.

2. Make a summer bucket list.
√ Wrote a list. Check.

3. Celebrate the birthdays of my two godchildren.
√ Check. And it was fun, seeing their eyes shine, while unpacking the gifts and spending some quality time with them.

4. Paint the workroom white.
– absolutely no time, but hope to do this soon, maybe next week.

5. Create more Project Life pages (before 2013 and 2014).
– sadly not, but I did lots of art journal pages instead. I think, that counts too in some way.

6. Keep my craft challenge going.
√ Check. Used up lots of favorite papers, stickers and at least two washi tapes.

7. Do yoga at least once a week (even at home).
√ Yes, did this a few times and it felt very good. It helped so much calm my mind in these stressful weeks.

8. Decorate the kitchen.
– nope.

9. Decorate the living room and hang some pictures.
– nopity nope.

10. Update the blog.
√ just some very small things. Will definitely go on my July list again.

June was dominated by three huge, time consuming projects at work with long hours – on the other hand enjoyable weekends with family and friends. In summary there was not much time for anything else, but this changed a few days ago, so here we go again:

1. Enjoy the summer.

2. Make plans for a wonderful, enjoyable vacation.

3. Post at least one or two crafty projects.

4. Work on my Project Life.

5. Decorate the living room.

6. Decorate the kitchen.

7. Paint the workroom white.

8. Update the blog.

That’s definitely enough for July. I want to enjoy this summer to the fullest. Or like Elise said: “This summer is about diving deep into life.”