Be open: create & share

April 2015: be open - create & share |

March was all about lerning. And I did lern a lot of things. Most of all, that living your life to the fullest and meeting friends and family are the most important things. Therefore my big lerning plans fell almost through. But the one thing I followed through with, was the video course by Xanthe Berkeley and therefore made my very first stop-motion-movie. Maybe April will bring more time for my own projects.

The next 30 days will be all about creating. Not only creating crafty things, but a whole lot of different things, but for sure will be the focus mostly on crafting. Most of all since I collected all UFOs (unfinished objects) in a box and was overwhelmed by their number. So it’s time to reduce this number severely.

Create little Easter gifts.

Create an overview of all unfinished craft projects.

Create delicious meals.

Create colorful, optimistic decoration for our home.

Create a whole lot of crafty things.

Create at least one new tutorial.

Create a second movie to share.

Create a new sharing routine for Instagram.

Create happy people.

be open – create & share

Be open: lern & share

March 2015: be open - lern & share |

February went well thanks to my little word „try“. Although I didn’t do everything on my list like carving my own stamps or fill in Project Life 2014, I tried a whole lot of other things, like knitting for example. And like you maybe saw on Instagram, it was a success. I knitted five whole scarfs in February. The first two for myself to test my capability of knitting. One for my dad, one for my boyfriend and a small one for my goddaughter within three hours of a car ride. I think, I’m already addicted.

Beside that I tried some new art journaling techniques, new cooking recipes and a lot of new blogs to read. So I’m really up for March and what my new motto ‚lern & share‘ will bring:

Lern more about photography.

Lern JavaScript.

Lern to knit two-sided patterns.

Lern to shoot and cut videos – Perfect timing, I just won a place in the course „A Year of Creating Time Capsules“ from the always inspiring Xanthe Berkeley. I’m so excited about this news. I’m following her for over two years now and love her magical videos of everyday life.

Lern, how to make a writing routine work for me.

Lern to cook better.

Lern to set a new focus in my photography.

Lern to make the photo editing and archiving process more effective.

Lern to do some yoga at home.

Lern to take time for me.

be open – lern & share