less is more


Every birthday it’s my ritual to create a list with goals or this year with guidelines for the new year of my life. Less is more – not a new slogan, I know, but one that came up again and again, while I was writing my guidelines for the next year. I want to do less this and instead more of that. It’s the ‘get better’ mindset I try to concentrate on, to make the changes work and into new routines. If you don’t know, what a ‘get better’ mindset is, watch this video. It’s the most realistic and helpful way to make changes stick. And here are my guidelines for my 33th year on this lovely planet:


… less thoughts about past & future.

… less spending on unnecessary stuff.

… less meat.

… less sugar, especially cake.

… less down to no Amazon.

… less plastic.

… less stress I make myself at work.

… less TV, down to almost no TV.

… less comparing to others.

… less thinking about what others think of me.


… more regional food, especially meat & fish.

… more simplifying.

… more being in the moment.

… more playtime with the cats.

… more content heavy posts.

… more saving money for our future.

… more helping others.

… more time outside.

… more time for friends.

… more crafting just for fun.

… more games with friends.

And what are your guidelines at the moment?