sweet serendipity

beautiful sunrise on my way to work| momentstolivefor

This was a really lovely Monday morning, when I drove to the office with the sun at my back. Couldn’t help but take some photos of this beautiful light and the ground fog as high as the trees.

On this weekend I want to try something new and make a video to capture our life in motion. I was so inspired by Xanthe Berkeley‘s video for her course Creating Time Capsules.

If you are more a photography person maybe you find an inspiring photo project at Here Comes the Sun.

I want to travel again since I saw this Pinterest board by Francis Francis

…and I want to bring more colors in my life, plenty of colour.

This idea for wall printing by A Beautiful Mess good be a start.


enjoy your Saturday & get crafty

sweet serendipity

two cups of coffee at the river by momentstolivefor

Since I’m loving the regular posts of Susannah ConwaySomething for the weekend‘ and Tammy Strobel’sHappy links‘, I thought I join in and share my own inspiring findings from the internet. I will post inspiring creative DIYs and projects, beautiful things, heart-warming events and just moments to live for. And what name would be better for these lovely, inspiring links than serendipity. Enjoy!

Loved ‘From where I stand‘ photos already, but these photos from Hula Seventy are art.

Pretty gift wrapping ideas: colorful with tags from magazines | shake-it confetti wrap | simple & beautiful

And if you just need an embellishment for a gift, how about confetti bows

Such a lovely family video, even without sound, magic.

An inspiring photo project: two women 3191 miles apart – one photo a day. Would really like to read the book ‘A year of mornings‘ soon.

And another cool photo project, you can contribute a photo yourself: bookshelfies.

It’s pumpkin season, time for pumpkin recipes and this pumpkin swirl bread looks so delicious.


have a lovely Sunday