in may

in may 2014 |

on our home, bit by bit and (too) much on my regular day job.

like hot summer days. Definitely too hot for May.

much. My craft challenge is working – I’m so motivated to craft and get projects done. More than that, I’m so happy to join Lauren and Caylee in their art journal challenge “Get Messy“.

listening to…
the newest chart hits and some suggested playlists from Spotify.

Sherlock, Madman and Dr. Who.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

a few new projects, e-courses I want to take and the upcoming weekends in June, stuffed with little travel plans.

cocktails and a new kind of coffee from Serbia.

asparagus, almost every weekend.

on known routes with friends through Berlin, discovering new ways for walks and visiting a lot of museums.

my ballerinas and sandals again. Thanks to the warm and sunny weather.

time to craft and good times with friends, shopping and talking.

a big vacation. I’m so yearning for far away countries, to travel again.

till my old camera broke and now with my new fancy camera. So happy, that I finally bought a new one.

about all the things I’m grateful for. And there are a lot.

what this summer will bring.

goals for May

finally mounted all of my favorite #clearstamps for easier use. let's stamp away. #stamps | momentstolivefor

It’s been a long time, since I’ve set monthly goals. Maybe because there were so many things I had to lern and do at the new job and in our new life, that all others were left behind. Two weeks ago I finally started with my old morning routine: getting up right after the alarm goes off and beginning to work. That’s step one. Now I have to organize myself and priorities my tasks.

I don’t know why, but I’m still struggling with the simplest of tasks like updating the blog and my website. Since I’m in Berlin, I have problems sitting down at my old PC and editing photos or creating design elements. I still haven’t figured out why. Maybe I haven’t my work flow back yet. So this will be my biggest goal this month, aside from some other, crafty ones.

My goals for May:

1. Get my work flow back and update my blog and website.

2. Make progress at Project Life 2013. I still have to catch up with half of November and December.

3. Do further Project Life pages of before 2013. I bought an album just for those old photos.

4. Paint our home office white.

5. Organize my work space. There are still some small boxes, that don’t have their own space on the shelves.

6. Get at least one new blog series up and running.

7. Decorate the kitchen. Now that it’s painted white, I finally can start.

8. Go to the sport center regularly (at least 3 times a week).

9. Make a timetable for blogging, social media etc. that really works for me.

10. Collect my ideas with Todoist (this is already half done).

11. Make at least one photo walk.

12. Discover new places in Berlin.

13. Use most of my craft stash up with help of my craft challenge.

have a good start into the new week

PS: This post was inspired by Kellie, Caylee and Elise.