minialbum: be grateful


In November I had a low, thanks to the darkness and my thyroid problem. To get myself out of this low and focus on the good things in my life, I made this little minialbum or notebook. I put it on my nightstand and as soon as I would go to bed, I would write everything down, that made me feel good on this day. It helped getting me to sleep with positive thoughts in my mind and maybe even let me sleep a little better. After a month the pages were filled with positivity and good thoughts. I felt better thanks to the medicine and Christmas time, so I didn’t fill it up with new pages. But I really liked it. Maybe in time I will do it again.











For the minialbum I used mostly Project Life cards from Stampin’Up and made some myself with stickers and washi tape. The minialbum is 4’’x4” and has around 30 pages.

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minialbum: photo booth fun

minialbum: photo booth fun |

My newest mini album creation. It is one of those projects I started over a year ago but only finished now. Last year I had the idea to use neon in a minialbum and created pages in 4×6 size from grey cardboard for it. Then I used neon tapes (in orange, pink and green) and neon markers to draw patterns on the pages. Sometimes messy, sometimes almost ordered. Because I hadn’t any specific photos in mind to fill in, I created a whole bunch of pages, not knowing how much I would need.

minialbum: photo booth fun |

The pages sat almost a year in my backlog until I stumbled about the photos of my 31th birthday party with the photo booth. Perfect for this fun kind of mini. Additionally I found this beautiful neon rainbow string to bind the mini with the japanese stab binding. Although I changed the traditional way up and did it with five holes. I knotted the long loose ends of the string along the book spine with simple knots. Everytime I met a string crossing the spine I integrated it into the knot, therefore the knot string is fixed at the spine. Really treasure this little fun minialbum.

minialbum: photo booth fun |

minialbum: photo booth fun |

minialbum: photo booth fun |

minialbum: photo booth fun |

minialbum: photo booth fun |

minialbum: photo booth fun |

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spring fling: minialbum ‘i love spring’

spring fling: minialbum 'i love spring' cover by momentstolivefor
Spring is here and I had the urge to create something beautiful to honor spring time. Because I love my Summer love minialbum, I tried to craft something alike for spring. And this is the pretty result, naturally in light and bright spring colors and with lots of washi tape:

spring fling: minialbum 'i love spring' overview by momentstolivefor
I thought about things, I’m happy to see or experience in spring. Little details like spotting the first snowdrop or the first ladybug of the year. It was more than inspirational to go through my photo collection and search for spring photos. Although the raindrops and snow crystals are monochrome pictures, they bring out the statement pretty good – that changing weather from snow to rain means, that spring is back, don’t you think? What do you love most about spring?
spring fling: minialbum 'i love spring' cover by momentstolivefor
spring fling: minialbum 'i love spring' pages in detail by momentstolivefor
spring fling: minialbum 'i love spring' pages in detail by momentstolivefor
For the minialbum cover I used simple cardboard and covered it with washi tape. The pages are grey and white papers, which measure 10 cm x 10 cm. The stamps are from Elise Blaha-Cripe and Evalicious.

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spring fling by momentstolivefor

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december minialbums

December Daily 2012 by ILS Click on the pictures to go to the source sites.

It’s time for a little minialbum inspiration. πŸ™‚ Do you participate in this years December Daily challenge? I would love to, but I don’t have time, sadly. But I hope I will find the time on this years Holidays to create a December minialbum. And these ones, you see here, are definitely an inspiration to me.

I really like the color combinations the scrapper used:

  1. gold, white, grey, black
  2. white, red, grey
  3. white, light blue, red, gold
  4. light green, light blue, red, white

Can’t decide, which one is my favorite, but I will definitely use a lot of glitter on mine – silver or gold. It’s time to sparkle! πŸ™‚ What’s your favorite color combination for your winteralbum?

December Daily 2011 by Ania-Maria
December Daily by Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Countdown to Christmas by Jessica Witty
December Daily 2011 by Celine Navarro
December 2011 album by Barbara P.
December Daily by Allison Waken
December Daily by Maria
Project - Hello December Altered Composition Book by Laura O'Donnell
December Daily by Garden Girl

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fast & simple minialbums

In my shelves there are tons of boxes with even more photos from all those years I took pictures with my analog camera – not to mention my digital backlog, but that’s another story. So my big task is to put them all into nice little or beautiful big photoalbums and that’s as fast as possible, because I don’t want to spend so much time with my past, while I could make new memories at the same time. So big wonderful scrapbook pages aren’t an option.

Inspired by Elise Blaha’s saying that she put 600 photos within a short time into photoalbums I searched the internet for more ideas to achieve this goal. And that’s what I found so far:

Make an instagram photobook like Elizabeth from Dear Lizzy did. Let it be printed at your favorite photobook shops, but leave some empty pages for journaling. It’s one of the fastest ways. You just choose the photos and pull them into the digital draft of the book. Take one picture at a page. That’s easy, isn’t it? And so lovely πŸ™‚

Or use some old paper scraps for making a quick and easy minialbum like this one from lovely Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. She used old instax photos and her favorite lyrics to create this little one. The pages bound simply by washi tape. It can’t get any easier, can it?

This little heart photobook is crafted by Yvonne & Susanne from Papierwerkstatt and needs only a simple shape, some papers and photos. And then you only need to cut everything into shape, add maybe a little journaling and you’re done. A technique I already used with my zoo minialbum.

A polaroid frame minialbum, this is so cute. Can’t wait to do this with some of my photos too. And I love the simple use of colorful paper and a quote on the left page. This one was created by Christina Heeren from capture.create.inspire.

And the simplest minialbum of all times: white paper, photos, ribbon and glue. Maybe a little journaling next to the photo. Done. Love this. The minialbum is by Randi from Swoon.

let the scrapbooking weekend begin πŸ™‚


minialbum: streetart

streetart minialbum details by momentstolivefor

Streetart is amazing. It pops up on places you would never imagine. It colors places, that would otherwise be grey and unremarkable. It’s a non-conformist art. It can be a grafitti, a tag, a chalk painting on a sidewalk or even an installation with lego or wool.

streetart minialbum cover by momentstolivefor

A while ago I started taking pictures of streetart, wherever I walked, foremost in Bremen and on my big biketour this year. I really like the photos and wanted to present them in some way and not just keep them on my computer. In July I had a craft flash and prepared this minialbum with streetmaps as background, but at that moment I hadn’t any photos at hand. Last week I edited the photos and ordered them. I really like the white frame with the rounded corners.

streetart minialbum pages by momentstolivefor
streetart minialbum pages by momentstolivefor

For the minialbum I used only old street maps, washi tapes and two bookrings. That’s it. It was very easy and fast to make. πŸ™‚

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What’s on my craft table?

instagram photos from @momentstolivefor

Today I want to share some peeks from my work desk this week. When I look at these pictures I’m always amazed how many craft things I’ve done this week. In my mind it always goes like this: “Man, how I would like to have more time to craft. What I could do with all this time…” But acutally I do craft everyday and that’s pretty awesome, even if i need photos to remind me of that later. πŸ™‚

be patient - reminder

A little reminder for me to stay calm and just be patient about things, that won’t happen over night.

minialbum Hildesheim

Started a new minialbum of my old hometown Hildesheim. Finally a place for a pack of old photos from my backlog. It’s not finished yet, because I want to write more about my memories, so it will take some time. But the book is already full with photos and just waiting for me to grap my pencil and write away.

pinterest screenshot

branding icon ideas

My secret project is in the making. Everday I try to do something for it and if it’s just a little thing. But that’s what makes the progress in the end. I think, next week I will be ready to share it with you guys. But I believe you can already guess, what it is, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

streetart minialbum cover

a peek inside my streetart-minialbum

Yesterday my photos for the “street art”-minialbum arrived. I prepared this minialbum already in July, but hadn’tΒ  the perfect pictures at hand. So the mini just sat on my table and waited,… till I brought several photos from my big biketour and one, two trips to Bremen. I share the whole minialbum next week.

stamps from Elise Joy

And finally the beautiful stamps from Elise arrived. Can’t wait to use them on some craft projects and minialbums. They will be so gorgeous. πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the fall season!Β