goals in october

goals in october | momentstolivefor.com

These were my goals for September and how they turned out:

1. Get our family gallery up in the corridor.
√/- Most of the photos are framed and stand on the floor, waiting to be put up on the wall.

2. Decorate our office.
– Totally forgot this was on the list. Maybe next month.

3. Simplify my musical files. Keep only the really good songs and sheet music.
√ Done.

4. Get my photo archive organized with Lightroom.
√ Bit by bit I keep moving forward. But there’s still a lot to do.

5. Take dance lessons with my boyfriend.
– Didn’t find the time. Maybe next month, but rather in November, since he’s traveling a lot in October.

6. Redesign the blog – new layout, feature buttons.
√/- Layout? Check. Feature buttons? No, didn’t.

7. Make biketours.
√ Made one. That counts.

8. Get an overview of our next big project and start planning (sorry, can’t tell you what at the moment).
√ Check.

9. Do sport regularly again.
√/- Started, but didn’t reached the regular part yet.

10. Make a fall minialbum.
– Nope, too many other little crafty things on my table. Another one for October.

September wasn’t really a success goal-wise. The two big parties took a lot of time for preparations and traveling. Maybe October will bring more time for those goals, I didn’t finished last month:

1. Enjoy my favorite season fall with some photo walks, hot chocolate and other beautiful fall stuff.

2. Keep moving forward with my Project Life 2014 pages, which are at the moment only filled with photos.

3. Make three additional pictures for the living room wall (black & white).

4. Catch up with some good friends.

5. Make a fall minialbum.

6. Do sport at least twice a week.

7. Save money.

8. Decorate our office.

9. Create at least three content-heavy posts.

10. Simplify my wardrobe and get rid of old, no longer fitting clothes.


hello fall, here I come.




in october

in october 2013 | momentstolivefor

working… on our old flat to get ready for the next tenants

weathering… stormy & surprisingly warm

crafting… little violet notebook, memory game with washi tapes and the attendant box

listening to… Gotye & just radio

watching… Navy CIS, Castle & Fashion Hero

reading… Blog Inc. by Joy Cho & Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton

planning… our move to Berlin and everything that has to be done in our old flat till then

drinking… lots of tea, almost no coffee – that’s new for me!

eating… soups & couscous with vegetables

wearing… my new winter shoes & my warm and cozy cardigan

enjoying… writing blog posts and developing new content for the blog

wanting… a beautiful new home for us in Berlin, favorably in the district of Kreuzberg

photographing… little beautiful moments in black & white and our way through Berlin

thinking… about our future in Berlin & future plans for my blog

wondering… if everything will be going the way we want it to

I had a major blockade at crafting this month. Every time I tried to start something in my craft room, I stopped shortly after and ended up watching TV. But on Wednesday I had a break-through. I moved the table from the kitchen into the living room and grabbed my crafting tools. And the relocation worked. I finished an entire collection of Project Life cards in one evening. Hope this crafty phase will last a while.