Sketchbook Project: the very last page

This is my very last page of my sketchbook from the Sketchbook Project – Limited Edition. I must confess, I’m a little bit sentimential, that this project is over now. I really loved to work with a theme for a while and fill a whole book with my ideas. I hope you enjoyed my pages. 🙂

This page is my favorite, because of its message and the bold colors and patterns I used. Maybe I should print and frame it and hang it above my workdesk to remind me everyday. Remind me, that it’s possible to be creative everyday, have courage and finish a whole book and not stop after two thirds of the pages are filled. Normally that’s my problem. I love to start a new sketchbook or notebook and then, after a little bit over half the pages, I don’t want to write or draw into it anymore but start a new book instead. Don’t know why. It’s like all my ideas run away and would only come back, when I open a new notebook. Can you relate to this feeling or is it just me?

Anyway, this project was a new experience for me, because I had to finish it to the last page. So I sat down and forced myself to fill it. It was not easy and I got stuck for a few days. But eventually found some ideas after a lot of brainstorming which were good enough to be brought to life and into the sketchbook. So here it is now, filled to the last page and now on it’s way through the USA with many other sketchbooks. 🙂

You can find all pages of my sketchbook here: