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Christmas crafts | origami santa |

Last year I was all over crafting in December. I folded a huge pile of little origami Santas, Fröbelstars, origami stars, gift bows and origami Christmas trees, made seven different types of pralines, drew snowflakes on our living room door and took everyday at least one photo for my December Daily album. It was a crafty and happy time. I had fun trying new things, making things in bulk and writing Christmas greetings to friends and family.

I have to smile seeing all these pretty little Christmasy things. What are you crafting this season?

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DIY little violet notebook

DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor

Time for a new notebook. My notebooks for my daily notes last about three months, then I need a new one. I make it a sport to create a one-of-a-kind notebook every time, like my travel journal and my favorite notebook with washi tape dots. Therefore I take a regular Moleskine notebook and make it my own by using stamps, washi tapes and other crafty things.

So here is my newest creation and the one I’m using at the moment: my little violet notebook.

DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor

For the cover I used a Moleskine Cahier Journal in light violet (official Persian Lilac), silver lined washi tape, some stamps, a white stamp pad and a silver gel pen.

DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor

I stamped the whole cover and tried to align them from left to right but not down. At the bottom I had too few space left to stamp it again with the first stamp. So I chose two other and used them as an eye-catcher. All three stamps belong to the rubber stamp set ‘Capture Life‘ by I lowe Scrap.

I draw drop down shadows on one of the stamps in the center of the front cover with the silver gel pen and on the two stamps at the bottom too. Then I used the silver lined washi tape to secure the edges and make the notebook look a little more classy.

Because I need a lot of to do lists, I prepared them for about three months and put them on the first pages, so I have a better overview and can put things down, that are not due until four or six weeks later. So I stamped the Go & Do stamp by Blinks of Life (sadly no longer available) on all pages, added the week and embellished the page with a stripe of washi tape.

DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor
DIY little violet notebook | momentstolivefor

I love to work with this little notebook everyday, so shiny and colorful. If you are interested in more DIYs look over here.

have fun creating your own notebook

DIY: colorful dot notebook

DIY: dot notebook with washi tape by momentstolivefor

This little DIY is pretty simple and fast and oh so pretty, don’t you think? All you need are some cute washi tapes with different colors and patterns, that fit well together. Some wax papers, so the washi tape is easy to peel off. A new notebook with a blank cover and a 1 inch circle punch.

DIY: dot notebook with washi tape - what you need by momentstoliveforDIY: dot notebook with washi tape - hole puncher closeup by momentstolivefor

All you have to do is, choose two tapes and adhere them next to each other on the wax paper. Then use the circle punch that way, that both tapes fill half the circle. In this way you get a whole bunch of pretty circles with two different tapes, that you can stick easily onto your notebook cover. Just fold the circle between the both tapes, so you can grab a corner of a half circle. Have fun!
DIY: washi tape dots by momentstoliveforDIY: dot notebook with washi tape - close-up by momentstoliveforDIY: dot notebook with washi tape by momentstolivefor

Look over here for my other DIYs:

december minialbums

December Daily 2012 by ILS Click on the pictures to go to the source sites.

It’s time for a little minialbum inspiration. 🙂 Do you participate in this years December Daily challenge? I would love to, but I don’t have time, sadly. But I hope I will find the time on this years Holidays to create a December minialbum. And these ones, you see here, are definitely an inspiration to me.

I really like the color combinations the scrapper used:

  1. gold, white, grey, black
  2. white, red, grey
  3. white, light blue, red, gold
  4. light green, light blue, red, white

Can’t decide, which one is my favorite, but I will definitely use a lot of glitter on mine – silver or gold. It’s time to sparkle! 🙂 What’s your favorite color combination for your winteralbum?

December Daily 2011 by Ania-Maria
December Daily by Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Countdown to Christmas by Jessica Witty
December Daily 2011 by Celine Navarro
December 2011 album by Barbara P.
December Daily by Allison Waken
December Daily by Maria
Project - Hello December Altered Composition Book by Laura O'Donnell
December Daily by Garden Girl

You can find more inspirational winter and December Daily minialbums on my pinterest board
MINIALBUM | winter minialbum.

fast & simple minialbums

In my shelves there are tons of boxes with even more photos from all those years I took pictures with my analog camera – not to mention my digital backlog, but that’s another story. So my big task is to put them all into nice little or beautiful big photoalbums and that’s as fast as possible, because I don’t want to spend so much time with my past, while I could make new memories at the same time. So big wonderful scrapbook pages aren’t an option.

Inspired by Elise Blaha’s saying that she put 600 photos within a short time into photoalbums I searched the internet for more ideas to achieve this goal. And that’s what I found so far:

Make an instagram photobook like Elizabeth from Dear Lizzy did. Let it be printed at your favorite photobook shops, but leave some empty pages for journaling. It’s one of the fastest ways. You just choose the photos and pull them into the digital draft of the book. Take one picture at a page. That’s easy, isn’t it? And so lovely 🙂

Or use some old paper scraps for making a quick and easy minialbum like this one from lovely Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. She used old instax photos and her favorite lyrics to create this little one. The pages bound simply by washi tape. It can’t get any easier, can it?

This little heart photobook is crafted by Yvonne & Susanne from Papierwerkstatt and needs only a simple shape, some papers and photos. And then you only need to cut everything into shape, add maybe a little journaling and you’re done. A technique I already used with my zoo minialbum.

A polaroid frame minialbum, this is so cute. Can’t wait to do this with some of my photos too. And I love the simple use of colorful paper and a quote on the left page. This one was created by Christina Heeren from capture.create.inspire.

And the simplest minialbum of all times: white paper, photos, ribbon and glue. Maybe a little journaling next to the photo. Done. Love this. The minialbum is by Randi from Swoon.

let the scrapbooking weekend begin 🙂


Sketchbook Project: the very last page

This is my very last page of my sketchbook from the Sketchbook Project – Limited Edition. I must confess, I’m a little bit sentimential, that this project is over now. I really loved to work with a theme for a while and fill a whole book with my ideas. I hope you enjoyed my pages. 🙂

This page is my favorite, because of its message and the bold colors and patterns I used. Maybe I should print and frame it and hang it above my workdesk to remind me everyday. Remind me, that it’s possible to be creative everyday, have courage and finish a whole book and not stop after two thirds of the pages are filled. Normally that’s my problem. I love to start a new sketchbook or notebook and then, after a little bit over half the pages, I don’t want to write or draw into it anymore but start a new book instead. Don’t know why. It’s like all my ideas run away and would only come back, when I open a new notebook. Can you relate to this feeling or is it just me?

Anyway, this project was a new experience for me, because I had to finish it to the last page. So I sat down and forced myself to fill it. It was not easy and I got stuck for a few days. But eventually found some ideas after a lot of brainstorming which were good enough to be brought to life and into the sketchbook. So here it is now, filled to the last page and now on it’s way through the USA with many other sketchbooks. 🙂

You can find all pages of my sketchbook here: