photobook Morocco

photobook Morocco | cover |

The journey around Morocco happened already in September 2006, but I never got to making a photobook until last year. I worked with the German photobook service I used it before and really like the quality and options, that come with the design software. You can almost use the software like Photoshop and have a lot of design options. You can even save your own layouts and use it like the given layouts again and again in your project.

photobook Morocco | Casablanca |
photobook Morocco | Hassan II. Moschee |

photobook Morocco | Rabat |

I decided to use a very clean look for the photobook since the photos are filled with powerful colors and patterns, so there was no need to fill it with even more like background colors. I wanted to let the photos speak for themselves, so I only added the name of the city or place and gave the cover page for every city a special layout.

photobook Morocco | Meknes |

photobook Morocco | Fes |

photobook Morocco | Atlas |

The journey was actually an excursion organized by the university and my geography prof. I studied geography in Bonn at this time. With a group of around 30 students we traveled around Morocco, from Casablanca to Marrakesh in two weeks and visited Fes, Rabat, Quarazate and several other cities and places on our way. It was an amazing journey and I took a lot of lessons home with me, like a more relaxed way of life and feeling more adventurous than ever.

photobook Morocco | Sahara |

photobook Morocco | Sahara |

photobook Morocco | Todhra & Tinghir |

photobook Morocco | Zagora |

The photobook is 20×30 cm and has the maximum number of pages (276 pages). I would have loved to choose the 30×40 cm format, but the resolution of the photos wasn’t good enough, since I used a small digital camera at the time with only 5 megapixels. At first I was sad, but now I love the smaller format because it is easier to handle when sitting on the couch and looking through the photos.