December Days: light studies

December Daily - Day 15|

When I started to take photos with the Instant app, one motive popped up again and again. The tree and street lamp across our office with an interesting wall of corrugated metal. It’s not spectacular, but what makes it the topic of my studies is the light. It changes within minutes and every time something different is enlightened. The wall, the last leaves, the reflection of our office windows on the wall. Just look at these photographs. Sure they are edited with a random filter, but look at the light, the spots of light. Isn’t it fascinating?

Light adds the magic to almost every photograph. Light creates interesting contrasts. I want to lern the magic, to get my hands on it.

December Daily - Day 15| momentstolivefor.comDecember Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15| December Daily - Day 15|

Try it yourself. Choose one motive you can watch over day and take several photos, once in a while. When you compare them, you can spot the difference and where the magic lies.

December Days: polaroids

December Daily - Day 8|

A new passion of mine is born. Since I follow Susannah Conway I am enchanted by her photography, especially by her beautiful, magical polaroids. Her images are filled with soul. I just had to take her photography workshop ‚Photo Meditations‘. Simply saying: inspiring & stimulating. More to this later.

What you see here, are the photos I took in the last week. Sadly I don’t have a polaroid camera, so I had to find another solution to come at least close to the magic of polaroid. After a little research, I found the Instant app. It’s definitely not perfect, a little buggy, but it comes very close to the polaroid experience. You have the viewer of a polaroid camera, you have to wait till the photo develops and the emulsion (filter) is added randomly. I really adore the outcome. I discovered a new photo style and been finally inspired again to play with my camera. Try it, if you don’t have a polaroid. It’s a real step closer to the magic of polaroid.


December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| December Daily - Day 8| momentstolivefor.comDecember Daily - Day 8|

December Days

December Days |

December is stuffed with uncountable dates and events, bright, blazing lights and sales screaming everywhere at us, a to do list long as to the moon and back… we are stressed, feel overwhelmed, unsteady. When instead we should enjoy this time of year, review the past year, plan for the new and simply be calm and with the ones we love.

I’m no exception. So to gain a little bit of calmness, I want to write every day on this blog throughout December. Inspired by Hula Seventy who wrote every day through November, I want to try it myself. One picture and at least three words every day. No long story, no big tutorial, just words, every day. Sounds manageable, don’t you think? Maybe I even get my blogging groove back. Who knows? 😉