sweet serendipity

gully cover in Wilhelmshaven |#fromwhereistand | momentstolivefor.com

Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Magical bangles filled with flowers and bark.

Such fun wordart – would be perfect for my workspace.

Fell instantly in love with these photos and the idea of edible chocolate messages is marvelous.

Want to plan your Project Life pages? May be this free printable helps.

Honk if you are happy – I definitely would, if I had a car.

Calligraphy in 3D, amazing.

Fabulous landscapes like the Brothers Grimm described them.

Beautiful minimalistic design, maybe useable in Project Life?

Fun sketches around everyday things. Make me laugh every time.

You know, I love challenges and this one is simply inspiring.

I’m totally into sand art since our last year vacation and these are so fun.

Definitely need to organize my photos and this series is perfect to follow along. [PART 1 | PART 2].

This is the perfect last page for a Project Life album.

A lot, lot of cool freebies, perfect for Project Life, especially cooking themed pages.

Creative problem solving in the face of extreme limits. Simply genius ideas.

This is sooo lovely.

And if you missed it, I am giving away a package full of fabulous surprises. Just tell me your favorite blog.

have a fabulous weekend

plans for Project Life in 2015

box for the Project Life cards 2015 | momentstolivefor.com

2015 will be my third year with Project Life and I love it. My usual routine until now was to wait 3-4 months and then order all photos of this time at once. It’s super to save money, because you get a discount ordering bulks of photos, but not good for the creativity. There are so many unfinished pages in the two albums of 2013 and 2014. I don’t do the weekly style. It’s just not for me. I have several big occasions, that I give a whole page or even a spread, because there are just too many beautiful photos not to show. For example photo walks or sightseeing visits are perfect for a whole page spread. In between I fill in spreads with single photos from our everyday life. I do one to two spreads per month. This pattern works very well for me and I will keep going in this style. But there are some things I like to change up a little bit this year. First of all to make the process simpler and faster and second to create a little structure inside the album. Therefore these are my goals for my Project Life album 2015:

  • no rounded corners – saves simply a lot of time to put the photos in the pockets the way they are.
  • only filler & journaling cards in black, grey, white and gold. Even my album is black & white. Reducing the colors to these four will make the process a lot easier and I just love this color combination, like everyone else it seems at the moment. The internet and especially Project Life pages are full with these colors. I think their beauty is, that they look great next to every photo. Colorful cards are always a little problematic, because they should fit the colors in the photos.
  • more filler & journaling cards – few photos and more filler cards, that’s the layouts I always pin on Pinterest. But I always fill my own pages completely with photos and leave at most one or two pockets for journaling cards.
  • more journaling – up to now I almost never journal, I let the photos speak for themselves. But I missed a lot of moments, where I just hadn’t my camera at hand or the background story isn’t clear from the photo and I will probably forget about it in time. I simply don’t like to journal, because I don’t have the words. It always sounds so simple and uninteresting. But maybe this little course by Stacy Julian will help me to get better at journaling.

my own designed Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

  • my own design – I will try and make my own cards with help of painting, stamping, washi tape and Photoshop. I already started and made a whole bunch of cards and even a little box to collect the cards for this year, seperated from my usual PL cards. I still have some of the black & white cards I made some time ago, they fit the new album perfectly.
  • start every month with an intro page – with my one little word cards, a card with the name of the month, journaling cards like “doing, seeing, eating“ and „big happenings this month“ and my favorite photos from this month. This way I want to seperate the pages of every month more clearly and take a little look at what happened this month.

handmade Project Life cards 2015 | momentstolivefor.com

Beside the new 2015 album, I will try to finish the other two of 2013 and 2014, before I forget everything about the events documented there. And above that maybe do even some further pages for my old albums from before 2013. But that’s just a dream. We will see, how it goes.

Manda Townsend, Annette Haring and Vanessa Documented shared their Project Life plans for 2015 too. And if you are interested to see, where my inspiration came from, here’s my Pinterest Board with lots of beautiful Project Life layouts and cards.

Do you have any plans for Project Life 2015?

what’s on my craft table?

make it happen | garland | momentstolivefor.com

‚Make it happen‘ – this little garland should spend motivation, when I’m working on my craft table. It hangs above my head in my chosen colors for this year. This year is about getting things done, staying motivated and share it with everyone.

Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

Since I decided to do this year’s Project Life album just with the colors black, white, grey and gold (more to that in another post), I collected and made a lot of cards. I cut some from scrapbooking paper like here from the awesome collection of Amy Tangerine ‚Stichted‘, painted some myself and collected beautiful pictures from Pinterest and put them in the right format. Now I’m looking forward to a lot of Project Life this year.

Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

When I saw all these beautiful cards on Pinterest and was inspired by all the gold used lately everywhere in design, I started to design my own Project Life cards. Some are especially focused on my one little word ‚share‘, since it will accompany me the whole year.

one little word calendar & project planner | momentstolivefor.com

The year of 2015 began with my one little word ‚share‘ and a whole lot of planning for smaller and bigger projects. I created a calendar with my „one little word“ to accompany while working on my craft desk. You can download it here. And I made a little board to stay focused on all the photography and craft projects this year.

Project Life album | momentstolivefor.com

Last week I finally ordered the rest of 2014 photos for my Project Life album and almost all photos of January 2015. I spend almost the entire Friday evening and Saturday with cutting, corner rounding and filling in photos into the pockets. Some of it I even did on Saturday morning in bed. Additionally I put some filler cards into old pages from my teen years and started with my 2015 album. So much fun.

origami fox & bows | momentstolivefor.com

Since I had so much fun with origami in December I made it a point to try some new origami projects in 2015 like the bows for gifts and the baby fox (found via How About Orange).

art journal | momentstolivefor.com

In December I was so busy with Christmas preparations and crafting little origami trees and Santas, that I never got to art journaling. Not until January, when I finally grabbed my art journals and started again and that with a big bang of an art journal marathon.

knitting | momentstolivefor.com

I don’t know why, but in January I feel like knitting. Like last year I started a new attempt. This is how far I’ve got until now. The problem is I started with too fine wool and knit needles. Therefore I don’t really see a progress and that’s not really motivating. So I plan to buy thicker knit needles and wool and hopefully I will stick to knitting for a long while.

DIY black & white Project Life cards

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

Inspired by these beautiful black & white Project Life cards and postcards, I designed my own set of PL cards. Last year I was in a Project Life hype. I loved the possibilities to capture our everyday so simple and fast in a PL album. And even more than that, I liked the idea of creating my own PL cards. You can see my first set of PL cards here. At the end of the year I got lots of new stamps from Elise Blaha-Cripe (no longer available), Bananafishstudio and I lowe Scrap. I treasure these stamps. And they are perfect for Project Life. So I started to make this card set.


DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

As basis for the cards, I cut 3×4 in white cards from simple card stock. Then I used the lovely stamps and stamped on white and black cardboard with StazOn White and Black ink pad. With two different hole punchers (1” and 2’’) and some manual cutting with scissors I cut the circles. For the different backgrounds I used my beloved black & white washi tapes and black & white ink pens. The last step was to cut the corners with my corner rounder of We R Memory Keepers. And that’s it. It took me only one evening to finish the entire set.


DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

I hope you are inspired to make your own set.

DIY black & white Project Life cards | momentstolivefor.com

black & white project life cards

Totally inspired by these lovely black & white cards, they would be perfect for Project Life. I love this simple monochrome look, especially paired with some monochrome photos in a layout. I made some PL cards myself this summer and hope to find the time tonight to make some more. I’d love to create some typographic art cards in black & white, handdrawn and not just stamped. Although I really like to use my big collection of stamps to create some lovely cards for my Project Life, this time I’d like to hand letter some of my favorite quotes. How about you? Do you create cards yourself or do you use mainly the beautiful cards in the packages of Project Life?


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what’s on my craft table?

project life filler cards by momentstolivefor
Hey everyone. I thought it was time for another peek at my craft table. The last two weeks I’ve been back to crafting regularly. Before that it was hard to find the time, because so much was going on, like newborn babys to visit, a wedding, some birthday parties to attend and some other stuff too. It was a fun time, but now I’m happy to be back on my craft table. It’s one of those things, that keeps me balanced and happy. My boyfriend loves, how I light up, when a package with new stamps arrives or when I show him some of my creations. Yes, this is my thing. Crafting.
summer manifesto minialbum by momentstoliveforAmy Tangerines Alphabet stamp set for my summer manifesto minialbum by momentstolivefor
One thing that was on my craft table last week, was the summer manifesto minialbum. I loved, that I could use Amy Tangerine’s Alphabet stamp set to print the numbers and goals. I could have printed it with my computer instead, but I wanted to use my hands. And I just love stamping. I’m totally into it right now. There’s not one day, when I don’t stamp something.

That’s why I’m so happy, that the last order of Elise Blaha‘s stamps finally arrived yesterday. It totally made my day, when I opened our mail box and saw the big envelope with the ‘get exited’ stamp on the back. At home I immidiately started stamping with them. I made some filler cards for my new project life.
Elise Blaha's new stampsproject life filler cards by momentstolivefor
Yes, I’m now a project life girl too. I considered for so long, if this was something I could follow along. But when my favorite craft online store Scrapbook Werkstatt in Germany announced, that they would sell project life products from now on, I was one of the first that ordered a starter kit. I choose the cinnamon edition album and the honey core kit. I must say, I was a little bit disappointed, when I discovered, that the album was brown instead of black, like the product photo shows. But I like it anyway, because of the words on the cover.
project life Cinnamon Edition album project life Honey Edition core kit

I already filled the first pages with photos and cards and I’m so glad, that I decided to do this project. It’s such an easy, fast and beautiful way to display your photos, when you don’t have time to design a whole scrapbooking page or minialbum. I still need to figure out, how to add text without disturbing the page layout, but that’s only a matter of time.
happy crafting everyone