my word for 2014

enjoy: my word for 2014 |

Last year my word was ‘simple’ and it was a good word. I simplified so many things and got rid of even more stuff. Everytime I brought one garbage bag to the trash, I felt at least 1 kg ligther afterwards. This word I will hold in my heart this year too, because I can simplify even more. There is still so much stuff cluttering our new apartment, therefore I considered to take ‘simple’ as my word for 2014 again.

Though, after all this change with the move to the new city, the new job and everything it wouldn’t been right to take the old word again. So I thought about a word, something that I haven’t really done for a long time: ‘enjoy’. Just that. Just sit down and enjoy the moment, without taking photos, without thinking about the next project or my to do list. Just enjoy it.
And this includes not only beautiful walks or special moments, but the everyday, the little things I do, like cooking, riding to work, working at the office or buying something, I wanted so bad for a long time.

Therefore I decided to take it slow with starting new social activities like a choir or social work. Although I love to sing in a band or choir and definitely want to do something good for others, I want to calm down first after this stressful, emotional, hard year. I want to really settle in, before I stuff my calendar with new social dates and to do’s again.

I want to enjoy these first weeks and months in this amazing city to the fullest. I want to enjoy our relationship, as it is no longer a long distance relationship. I want to make our apartment beautiful and enjoyable, like I never did before. And I want to craft so much and write a lot of posts for this blog. That’s what I love & want & enjoy the most. So ‘enjoy’ it is for 2014.

enjoy this amazing year

simple sunday

simple sunday - taste by momentstolivefor

Just looking at these pictures is mouth-watering. Do you feel the soft, juicy and grainy pear on your tongue or taste the sweet of honey on a slice of toast?

Enjoy the special taste of basil or any other herb or make a delicious pizza with it. Or try something new and put bananas on your bread. I can recommend it 🙂

I love the smell and taste of a fresh and hot cup of tea – especially chai tea, it’s exquisite.

Or are you a sweet tooth? Take a cookie and dip it in a glass of milk. Can you smell and taste the yummy hot chocolate as it is pouring down in your cup? Or do you want a cup of icecream as dessert? Mmmmm, yummy!

enjoy every bite of your meal and sip of your drink today – try to really taste it



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fast & simple minialbums

In my shelves there are tons of boxes with even more photos from all those years I took pictures with my analog camera – not to mention my digital backlog, but that’s another story. So my big task is to put them all into nice little or beautiful big photoalbums and that’s as fast as possible, because I don’t want to spend so much time with my past, while I could make new memories at the same time. So big wonderful scrapbook pages aren’t an option.

Inspired by Elise Blaha’s saying that she put 600 photos within a short time into photoalbums I searched the internet for more ideas to achieve this goal. And that’s what I found so far:

Make an instagram photobook like Elizabeth from Dear Lizzy did. Let it be printed at your favorite photobook shops, but leave some empty pages for journaling. It’s one of the fastest ways. You just choose the photos and pull them into the digital draft of the book. Take one picture at a page. That’s easy, isn’t it? And so lovely 🙂

Or use some old paper scraps for making a quick and easy minialbum like this one from lovely Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. She used old instax photos and her favorite lyrics to create this little one. The pages bound simply by washi tape. It can’t get any easier, can it?

This little heart photobook is crafted by Yvonne & Susanne from Papierwerkstatt and needs only a simple shape, some papers and photos. And then you only need to cut everything into shape, add maybe a little journaling and you’re done. A technique I already used with my zoo minialbum.

A polaroid frame minialbum, this is so cute. Can’t wait to do this with some of my photos too. And I love the simple use of colorful paper and a quote on the left page. This one was created by Christina Heeren from capture.create.inspire.

And the simplest minialbum of all times: white paper, photos, ribbon and glue. Maybe a little journaling next to the photo. Done. Love this. The minialbum is by Randi from Swoon.

let the scrapbooking weekend begin 🙂