what’s on my craft table?

what's on my craft table? - text stamp addiction - momentstolivefor.com

After these text heavy posts, I thought it was time for another photo post. So here are some shots from my craft table. Tables I have to say, because this time I used our large kitchen table too, to paint all of my wooden boxes with a dark walnut-brown stain.

At a local do-it-yourself store I found wooden boxes in different sizes, which fit perfectly into my Ivar shelves to organize my crafty things. I just have to paint them with stain, so they look more beautiful. But that’s only a matter of time, although there are seven big and eight middle sized boxes waiting to be painted. Yikes! But until then I’ve already tested, if all of my stamps and washi tapes fit in there. And they do, perfectly. Although I was a little shocked seeing how much stamps and tapes I’ve got! Is it already an addiction?

Sadly, I can’t get anymore stamps from Elise Blaha. The package arrived of her last sale in her shop. Really, really sorry, that there will be no more. Loved her style on stamps. And truthfully, she started this obsession with text stamps. It’s a good thing, there is no more room in this box for more.

In the meantime I bought two amazing magazines. Wanted to just pick up the new Uppercase magazine and stumpled about Frankie. Such a lovely, creative, beautiful magazine. I’m amazed, that I’ve never heard of it before. And I started a logbook, thanks to Austin Kleon’s book “Steal like an Artist“. It’s a motivating and helpful little book. Read it, it’s fun!

what's on my craft table? - inspiring magazines: Uppercase and Frankie - momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? - washi tape addiction - momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? - paint wooden boxes with walnut stain - momentstolivefor.com

Wwhat's on my craft table? - logbook - momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? - last stamps from Elise Blaha - momentstolivefor.com

what's on my craft table? - nosy cat - momentstolivefor.com

And that’s how it looks, when I try to make a photo for the blog. Finchen is instantly in the picture. Nosy little cat.