sweet serendipity

two cups of coffee at the river by momentstolivefor

Since I’m loving the regular posts of Susannah ConwaySomething for the weekend‘ and Tammy Strobel’sHappy links‘, I thought I join in and share my own inspiring findings from the internet. I will post inspiring creative DIYs and projects, beautiful things, heart-warming events and just moments to live for. And what name would be better for these lovely, inspiring links than serendipity. Enjoy!

Loved ‘From where I stand‘ photos already, but these photos from Hula Seventy are art.

Pretty gift wrapping ideas: colorful with tags from magazines | shake-it confetti wrap | simple & beautiful

And if you just need an embellishment for a gift, how about confetti bows

Such a lovely family video, even without sound, magic.

An inspiring photo project: two women 3191 miles apart – one photo a day. Would really like to read the book ‘A year of mornings‘ soon.

And another cool photo project, you can contribute a photo yourself: bookshelfies.

It’s pumpkin season, time for pumpkin recipes and this pumpkin swirl bread looks so delicious.


have a lovely Sunday