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In these dark times of terrorism and bad news every day, it’s more than ever important to be reminded of the good things in life, that there is still good in the world. Positive, inspiring things.

Love, love, loved this class. Will be painting all weekend thanks to Flora Bowley.

Still absolutely fascinated how well the notebook of Leuchtturm 1917 works as bullet journal.

In awe for Xanthe’s new film, as always.

Simply a force of positivity in this world: Uncustomary. Did you read her amazing book?

Started a new Pinterest board about scapbooking, inspired by the creative, simple and colorful style of A Beautiful Mess and  Smile & Wave.

At the moment I’m totally into makeovers like this one.

So sorry, it’s already sold: Baby Groot. Don’t anyone want to make one for me? 🙂

Have a wonderful, sunny, relaxed weekend.


sweet serendipity

sweet serendipity | momentstolivefor.com

Some inspiring, colorful finds from the internet:

I need to do something like this too, someday. So fun.

A little reminder: use what you already have and use it wisely.

Beautiful artwork. Lovely.

Toddlers favorite things – book by Elise. So cute.

“We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.” by Zen habits.

Magical photographs turned into modern art

Just because: reasons to love Instagram.

Multipotentioalite – the world needs us.

Finally an explanation: Why we remember only the negative things…

90 days of practicing gratitude – very helpful and good tipps.

Before you go shopping for Christmas gifts, watch this (found via Becoming Minimalist).

Important question, especially in this time of year: What Do You Want to be Thanked For?

How to bring more mindfulness into your life today.

Most important Ted Talk ever. You have to watch this. Really makes you think.

have a beautiful weekend


sweet serendipity

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Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

Unbelievable, the first octographer.

Wisdom from Elise, the goal-setting master.

A garden should be wild. Here’s why.

Such cute clocks for children, or yourself. Bought two and still thinking about keeping one for myself.

Miraculous little movie.

The Unlikely Bond between His Family and an Orphaned Birdby – such beauty.

“With web design, building your audience, or blogging, sometimes the best course of action is to just try it out and see what happens.” (by Elembee).

National Stationery Week Paper Animation from Paperchase.

Dreamlike photos.

Guerrilla Gardening In Baltimore For Earth Day.

Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Plant Sculptures.

Unicode symbols & letters – didn’t know the beauty of these until now.

A real quick and beautiful Day in the Life-minialbum. So cool.

Mouthwatering Food & Cooking Cinemagraphs by ‘Kitchen Ghosts’.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend. 


sweet serendipity

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Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

This weekend I started to catch up on Project Life big time. For that I collected a lot of ideas & tips on this Pinterest board.

I always wanted one, now thanks to this tutorial I can make my own.

Do you like colorful embroidery? Do you know the sisters Maricor Maricar? You should.

All knitters, this is for you. Made me laugh.

Kids games, that appear when it’s raining… so cool.

Would love to have my house painted like this.

Do you know Tsundoku? First I thought, it was some kind of Suduko, but it’s much more fun… this is about all those books you bought and pile up in your home, because you still haven’t read them.

Unbelievable beautiful lights that bloom like flowers.

Oh my, I need these

… and one of these. So cute and hilarious.

Thoughts on reading online.

One of my favorite stories on Steller with magical paper art.

Another fun photo project (#21dayphotoproject).

Wisdom about blogging from Elembee.

Thoughts on neophile people (like me). A new, very interesting blog by the way.

Life lessons about quitting sugar. Lol.

Chocolate art.

be inspired & have fun

sweet serendipity

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Time for some colorful, inspiring internet finds:

When I pinned this to my Pinterest board, the other board appeared – pure Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s so funny and cool & stylish at the same time.

How to plan your scrapbook via Instagram – such a cool idea by the fabulous Lauren.

Pretty little flip book. Would make a great gift for every occasion.

Make your own soap that look like precious stones.

Thoughts for photographers: draw with light.

This video took exactly 5 seconds to shoot and is now a 3’30 video. Unbelievable.

Make a zine. It’s like an art journal in style of a magazine. Simply lovely.

I need to print this graphic.

Trails of seagulls, like you never saw them before.

Do you like dancing? Then this is for you.

Wisdom from the happiness spreading Mary: “Because if you have it all figured out, […] you’d be pretty fucking bored with this whole life thing.”

How to paint with lego

Unbelievably beautiful photos of an 365 project – full of life.

#likeagirl – made me almost cry. so true.

architecture designed by you – fun and amazing at the same time.

have a wonderful, magical weekend

sweet serendipity

be in the moment | momentstolivefor.com

Some colorful, inspirational links for your weekend, from me to you. Enjoy!

Make a font from your handwriting (found via The Handcrafted Story)

Another mind blowing TEDtalk that changed my point of view entirely and made me think.

Do you travel around the world a lot and still want to print your photos? The talented Lauren collected tipps from bloggers, where to print photos best for five different continents.

For coffee friends and addicts: a coffee journal.

Animated photography by Julien Douvier. Magical.

Unbelievably beautiful and delicate embroidery art by Meredith Woolnough.

If you are in America (North or South), there is still time to join the Worldwide Photo Walk today (11.10.2014). Lauren is just in this minute participating in Korea and I’m starting in Berlin in a few hours. Looking forward to this little adventure.

have fun and be well

sweet serendipity

Volkspark Rehberge, Berlin | momentstolivefor.com

Some colorful, inspirational links for your weekend, from me to you. Enjoy!

The street art by David Zinn is so cute and pretty, like paintings from a children’s book.

70 ways of to produce more than you consume.

For all art journalers out there: did you notice the new Studio Calico art journaling course by Ashley Goldberg?

It’s all about the little steps. Just start.

If you love to make lists, you should definitely join Ri’s new project The List Project 2014.

Next Saturday (11.10.2014) starts the Worldwide Photo Walk. You know, I am a huge photo walker, so I simply had to join. If you like to participate in this awesome project, you can search for a nearby photo walk with a leader here. I’m participating in Berlin – starting point is the Alexanderplatz. I’m so excited to do this, maybe I’ll meet you there?!

be well and enjoy your precious time.

sweet serendipity

Dome of Berlin | momentstolivefor.com

Some colorful, inspirational links for your weekend, from me to you. Enjoy!

1000 cranes for 1000 strangers by Mariëlle (what a beautiful name).

An easy minialbum with help of the fabulous Collect app and perfect for 365 projects.

How to get the most of the Collect app using tags.

And how to use the Collect prints in your Project Life album.

Create your own stock photo library – so helpful, if you are a blogger.

Do you love magical stories? Do you know the Steller app? You should, it’s real magic. Like these two stories: Cloud Nine and Moving Pictures.

have a magical weekend.


sweet serendipity

magical morning in the country | momentsotlivefor.com

Some colorful, inspirational links for your weekend, from me to you. Enjoy!

The secret door into another world.

Funny bird portraits with character by Leila Jeffreys.

A little good dose of reality.

When I saw this video, I wanted to go sailing again instantly.

This little piece of software is the most useful I found in a long time: save all of your Instagram pictures with one click.

I needed my pictures back on my computer, because I want to print them for the new A Beautiful Mess challenge. I just saw the little We R Memory Keepers albums especially for Instagram pictures and I knew I had to do this too.

Besides this little challenge, I started #365craftingtime this week and I’m so excited about all who already join me on this journey. Can’t wait to see this group of creative girls go to work. You can follow us all under the hashtag #365craftingtime on Instagram.

have a beautiful, crafty and happy weekend


sweet serendipity

Sweet serendipity | momentstolivefor.com

Some colorful, inspirational links for your weekend, from me to you. Enjoy!

Such a fun video – experience the power of a bookbook.

Put a bird on it – beautiful designed playing cards.

How to live passionately – made me smile. One of the most inspiring TEDtalks I’ve ever watched.

Paper art as such is amazing and these belong definitely on my Top10 list.

Interesting thought about what success means by Alexandra Franzen.

My new mantra for our home decoration: ‘Let your home be a reflection of your journey.’
The Citizenry via The Fresh Exchange.

have a beautiful, inspiring weekend