simple sunday

simple sunday - taste by momentstolivefor

Just looking at these pictures is mouth-watering. Do you feel the soft, juicy and grainy pear on your tongue or taste the sweet of honey on a slice of toast?

Enjoy the special taste of basil or any other herb or make a delicious pizza with it. Or try something new and put bananas on your bread. I can recommend it 🙂

I love the smell and taste of a fresh and hot cup of tea – especially chai tea, it’s exquisite.

Or are you a sweet tooth? Take a cookie and dip it in a glass of milk. Can you smell and taste the yummy hot chocolate as it is pouring down in your cup? Or do you want a cup of icecream as dessert? Mmmmm, yummy!

enjoy every bite of your meal and sip of your drink today – try to really taste it



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