wish i may

wish I may 2015 | momentstolivefor.com

In 2012 Susannah Conway posted „wish I may“ on the 12.12.12 as a wishing day. I loved this idea and wrote my own post a day later. Although it’s no wishing day officially, it’s a wonderful idea to formulate wishes for the new year and beyond as kind of reflection to the past year.

I wish for a lot of energy. I wish for a happy, fun wedding. I wish for funny hours with my goddaughters. I wish for health for my family and friends. I wish for quite hours just with me and myself. I wish for a healthy hormone level as opposite to symptoms of Hashimoto Thyreoiditis. I wish for many hours of uninterrupted, inspiring crafting. I wish for a simple life. I wish for a stress-free wedding preparation. I wish for challenges that help me lern and grow. I wish for a money reserve. I wish for more city adventures in Berlin. I wish for new creative projects. I wish for romantic times with my man. I wish for a house of our own. I wish for time to journal and blog. I wish for our biggest wish to come true. I wish for travel adventures. I wish for playing and cuddling a lot with the cats. I wish for healthy and yummy food. I wish for wonderful hours with our friends and families. I wish for a positive mind. I wish for a lot of good times in 2016.

What are you wishing for?