my word for 2014

enjoy: my word for 2014 |

Last year my word was ‘simple’ and it was a good word. I simplified so many things and got rid of even more stuff. Everytime I brought one garbage bag to the trash, I felt at least 1 kg ligther afterwards. This word I will hold in my heart this year too, because I can simplify even more. There is still so much stuff cluttering our new apartment, therefore I considered to take ‘simple’ as my word for 2014 again.

Though, after all this change with the move to the new city, the new job and everything it wouldn’t been right to take the old word again. So I thought about a word, something that I haven’t really done for a long time: ‘enjoy’. Just that. Just sit down and enjoy the moment, without taking photos, without thinking about the next project or my to do list. Just enjoy it.
And this includes not only beautiful walks or special moments, but the everyday, the little things I do, like cooking, riding to work, working at the office or buying something, I wanted so bad for a long time.

Therefore I decided to take it slow with starting new social activities like a choir or social work. Although I love to sing in a band or choir and definitely want to do something good for others, I want to calm down first after this stressful, emotional, hard year. I want to really settle in, before I stuff my calendar with new social dates and to do’s again.

I want to enjoy these first weeks and months in this amazing city to the fullest. I want to enjoy our relationship, as it is no longer a long distance relationship. I want to make our apartment beautiful and enjoyable, like I never did before. And I want to craft so much and write a lot of posts for this blog. That’s what I love & want & enjoy the most. So ‘enjoy’ it is for 2014.

enjoy this amazing year