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For a few years now I’m into simplifying. I started with the book “Simplify your life” and did a clean up every half year or year. Everytime I was astonished by the cheer mass of things I could get rid off without feeling empty, instead feeling relieved and happier. Since then I read a lot of books about simplifying, but the latest really got to me: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“. The main goal and quote stuck with me: ‘only hold on to those things that make you happy’. And I did. Within the first weekend I was on fire and didn’t stop until I had the entire apartment cleaned up and sorted through. Here’s what I did the last weeks:

✓ got rid of two big bags of clothes (trash & second hand)

✓ eliminated so many clothes, that we could move our cupboard from the bedroom to the cellar – there’s no use for it anymore

✓ tidied some of my clothes like the system recommended by „the magic of tidying“ – rest will follow later, when I got some fitting boxes

✓ sorted through our kitchen to free space, so we don’t need to add another cupboard

✓ put all my printed photos and notes into different Project Life albums – finally a system I can work with and fits my goals

✓ sorted through my work space and put a lot into boxes to sell later on a fleamarket or give away to friends

✓ scanned all recipes to Evernote and organized them with tags

✓ I started to digitalize my film negatives – this will take some time, but afterwards I don’t have another two boxes filled with negatives that I simply not use, because it’s too complicated to order them for photo albums

✓ sorted through my books again and packed over 50 into boxes for second hand

✓ reorganized my Evernote notebooks to work perfectly for me for blogging and everyday life

✓ shared the shopping list, cookbook and calendar in Evernote with my boyfriend

✓ cleaned our balcony and made it more beautiful with some lights and big washi tapes

✓ organized the next steps for our group vacation

✓ sorted through our storage alcove

✓ cleaned and sorted through our livingroom (especially our cupboard)

✓ sorted through my stuff in the bathroom, jewelry too

✓ got rid of the biggest part of my postcard collection – I only hold on to a few decorative ones or those, that I really want to send someone

✓ send some things to friends, I know they will love

✓ moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress

Now I feel happy and relieved, but exhausted and unmotivated to do anything. I do a little crocheting from time to time and put some photos into Project Life albums, but beside that there’s no energy left. Hope that will change after our vacation in two weeks. But I’m proud of myself, doing all this in a short time and letting the apartment feel light and leaving space for new experiences. Shortly afterwards I stumbled about this quote and knew that this will be my new motto:

“Fill your life with experiences not things, have stories to tell not stuff to show.”


Be open: work & share

May 2015: be open - work & share |

You just turn once or twice and suddenly the month has passed. The last month didn’t work like I had hoped for. There wasn’t nearly enough time to create that much. I organized my UFOs and knitted, mostly while traveling but that was all. I hope, May and June will give me more time to create, since July and August are already full with events, travel plans and happenings. Therefore May is all about getting work done. As if I knew this at the start of the year, I chose ‘work & share’ as my words for May. How perfect.

Work & do all the things you need to do.

Work for something new.

Work with my UFOs and simply get a handful finished.

Work & get things done.

Work with Evernote and make it work for me for the perfect organization.

Work my annual tax declaration.

Work, work, work,…

be open – work & share