string art – lessons learned

string art - lessons learned |

Do you know, these craft projects you see on the internet, Pinterest or Instagram over and over again and think everytime: ‚I need to try this too!‘ Yes, I think, you know what I mean. One of these marvelous projects was a string art picture for me. I stumbled over these beautiful pictures again and again and an idea for my own evolved in my head. Eventually in September I started to make it a reality.

I bought a board, cut it into a square (30 x 30) and painted it white. Then I needed two to three attempts to sketch the pattern for the nails and strings in the right format and position the nails right, so they formed the perfect circle and integrated the two letters in the center at the right position. I think there are a lot of good tutorials out there, therefore I just want to share my lessons learned from this DIY with you. Maybe it helps, to prevent some mistakes I made for your project.

string art - lessons learned | cut and paint a board |

  • as string I used embroidery yarn. There’s a big selection of colors and the yarn is wether too thick nor too thin for string art.
  • when you paint the board, be sure to put something between the board and the paper to hold some distance. Otherwise the paint will stick between them and leave paper bits on the back of the board.


string art - lessons learned | make a sketch on squared paper |

  • make a sketch on squared paper. It’s the most important lesson doing string art. I needed three attempts to get the sketch right and put the two letters exactly in the middle of the circle and find the right place for the nails to build the frame of the circle. So take your time and use squared paper. One centimeter (two squares) distance between two nails worked very well for me.
  • the benefit of the sketch on paper is, you can fix it with tape on to the wood and hit the nails directly through the paper into the wood. Afterwards you only need to remove the paper.


string art - lessons learned | nail it and mark the letters with string |

  • use nails without head. Although the string slips off much easier, it’s looks much better later on the finished picture, when you don’t look at the big circle heads of the nails.
  • the nails shouldn’t be too long. Otherwise the distance between string and board will be too big. I choose nails in size 1.5 cm.
  • before you remove the paper, you should mark the outline of your letters with another colored string. That way you know, where you are not allowed to cross between nails with your chosen string.


string art - lessons learned | when finished with the string, remove the paper |

  • keep the string on strain while you wind it around the nails, otherwise the string will get lost on the last few nails.
  • if you want the string art looking straight and clean, you should think about the route to wind the string around the nails. Because if you do it as you go, it will look like mine, messy and far from perfect.
  • pay attention to the parts, where the string must go along in any case. That’s the outline of the letters and the outline of the circle. If you forget a line inside, it’s not that important. But if you forget a line between two nails, that mark the outline of the letters or the circle, you will see it on your finished picture later, like you can see on mine. I forgot two lines at the letters.
  • you have to try which direction is better to wind the yarn around the nail. It depents on the direction of the next nail. Sometimes it’s better to wind it clockwise and sometimes counter clockwise will secure it better.


string art - lessons learned | cut the string ends and you're done |

have fun & let the crafting begin